Anarchy Is Something I Do

From Anarchist Agency

October 27, 2020, carla bergman, Eleanor Goldfield and scott crow

Agency’s scott crow was recently interviewed by Silver Threads Podcast:

“I only call myself an anarchist as shorthand. anarchy is a way I see the world. it does not define me.”

scott crow is a street philosopher, author, dreamer, and musician. In this episode, scott digs deep into his own history, the hammer of art that helped shape him, collective liberation, the danger of activist subcultures and more.

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Scott Crow is a social-anarchist so basically a liberal

commenters on this website so frequently remind me of the kind of social justice identity politician types who spend way too much time trying to find people who don't live up to their purity test and denouncing them. are y'all just jealous because other people are actually doing things?

that and worse! just remember to french the fuck out of it when you pronounce RESENTIMENT

Imagine being asked to provide a bio and the first thing you write about yourself is: "scott crow is a street philosopher"

The humility!

The funny thing is that Scott does have a helpful narrative and life experience to share with the world, its not the adventure story of saving people while armed during Hurricane Katrina but actually the toxic masculinity of Brandon Darby and how Scott and others didn't check his bullshit... that's the story that would be interesting to hear. Tho its not self aggrandizing...

Good interviews thanks. He did that interview right after being asked why he'd never done an interview about that topic. Glad he listened and told the tale.

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