Announcing Actually Black Fridays!

Friday again? No problem.......


Hey scrubs, Critical Mass Crew here! You may have heard our call to action in our previous post (if not you can read it here). Here's a summary: "Shit's fucked, anarchists are alone as usual, and it's time we start acting on our own behalf."

Part of our proposed plan was something we called "Actually Black Fridays", a proposal to make Friday a universal day of action for anarchists. We also referred to something we jokingly called the "Actually Black Friday Double Deluxe". We thought we'd explain all this a little bit more.

Critical Mass is first and foremost an attempt to set sustainable rhythms of action which provide guidance to anarchists looking for something to do while not constraining any of us from doing what's necessary in the moment. We think that even if our run up to May Day doesn't work we'll be able to designate the last part of the year toward falling action where we can focus toward freeing our peeps and building our bases. Then we can repeat the whole pattern again next year!

But where does Actually Black Friday fit in? Well, even if we designate the latter half of the year for defense and recovery, we don't want our enemies getting too comfy!

If we build the habit of anarchists going out onto the streets every Friday we may eventually build a very large crowd and guess what happens on a particular Friday (November 25th) this year? The annual re-upping on consumer goods that keeps capital afloat. The most chaotic day in any store. "Black" Friday.

So what happens when our Actually Black Friday crowd meets their crowd? That's up to your imagination.


Where does that put us?

At the beginning of a very long journey, and no doubt things will change between now and our goal. Maybe things will not turn out how we plan-- but nevertheless, wouldn't it be nice to be back on the offensive again?

So let's start at the beginning.

Tomorrow is Friday and the first challenge (if you care to pay attention to that) is to get as many of our fellow anarchists into our game as possible.

Get your friends together. Mask up and head out into the street. Go somewhere central and see if you can find some other crews.

Consider posing for some propaganda linking to our original artificial and posting it around somewhere anarchists will see it (remember your security culture)

Don't get yourself nabbed or tagged by cops or fashies, but do have as much fun as you want.

It may not feel like you're doing much at this point, but it's extremely important for us to feel comfortable operating and existing in public. Building a habit of doing so allows some of our more timid members to get used to being in active conflict with the State slowly.

We're excited to see how you do!

-Bella Ciao!
The Critical Mass Crew

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why would you mask up if you’re out by yourself (or with a group of friends) on a friday while doing nothing just waiting for other people to show up?
it would only call attention towards you, where otherwise you would go unnoticed. and it calls for you to take a picture together and post it. so cops can already have the roster of May 1st participants before the date and get to know them intimately with the pictures posted each friday?

i’m all for calling for a game-like prompt for actions each friday or whatever, but some of these details seem weird.

what? your masked up crew is not meeting with another masked up crew at somewhere central?

the anti-anarchist loyal citizen spewing his bile on here, but dunno whyyyy. Still angry at our use of WEAPONIZED umbrellas, perhaps? What... black bloc stole your girlfriend now she's going out with them gay guys and potentially lesbos!? So much pain.

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