Announcing the Crypto Liberationist

What about liberation from cryptomining?


February 23rd, 2021: Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new media project at the intersection of anarchism and emerging financial technologies. Rather than providing technical dissection of prices and markets, our writers focus on a *social analysis* of the digital money revolution currently underway. We came into crypto with an anti-capitalist perspective and find no contradiction in continuing to hold space for those beliefs within the broader online community: a task made more urgent against a backdrop of economic turmoil and authoritarian drift.

In the days and weeks ahead, we hope to dive into the philosophical potential of decentralized finance. We’ll explore the semantic debate of adoption vs investment, and investigate theories of value as they relate to new forms of digital currency. Our Resources page will function as a gateway to plug into online discussions, while also acting as a clearinghouse of reliable, unbiased information on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Crypto Liberationist welcomes contributions from writers and artists investigating possibilities for personal and collective freedoms within and without of the crypto community.

Contact: cryptoliberation [at] protonmail [dot] com

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"digital" and "revolution" are two notions that should only meet to obliterate each other.

Fuck off liberal techies.

Thank you for the hate! We purposefully chose to announce CL on @news because we want to provoke a native debate from within the anarchist space. Perhaps we have more in common than you realize, up to and including a learned antipathy for the techno-state and loaded notions of "revolution". We're interested in threading the needle between philosophical issues of interest to anarchists-- including the post-left and deep green--and providing an accessible forum for those uninitiated into either anarchism OR crypto. xoxo.

All markets lead to capitalism.

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