Arson Attack Against Police Health Clinic

from Contra Info via AMW

Arson Attack Against Police Health Clinic in Montevideo, Uruguay

Molotov cocktails were thrown at Police Health Center of the Ministry of the Interior in an attack that was claimed by anarchists in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Health Center is an “addiction control clinic” that is operated by the police.

The following is their statement:

The same police who put drugs into our neighborhoods are the ones who then “detoxify” you. Yeah sure…

For internet opinion makers: We are neither drug traffickers nor tupas [members of the Tupamaros, an urban guerrilla group, active in the 1960s and ‘70s in Uruguay]. We are Anarchists.

Left and Right, the same shit.

Fire to the Police.


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I enjoyed the guy riding his bike by like buildings being on fire is nothing new and a common occurrence. lel

No its not funny! Witnesses will say and testify in court that he started the fire and the judge will accept that because he's poor and has a previous criminal record. He will go to prison for 3 years. He was the bread winner on night shift supporting 6 people who are turned out into the street for not paying the rent. They are locked in prison for stealing food.
So arson has supported the prison industry with innocent inmates.

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