Attacks on 2 houses of bounty killers in uniform

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Full title: Thessaloniki, Greece: Explosive attacks on 2 houses of bounty killers in uniform by Direct Action Cells – Organzation Anarchist Action

On 22 October, uniformed assassins of the DIAS, detect a stolen vehicle in the neighbourhoods of Piraeus and pursue it. At the same time that the vehicle is trapped and immobilized, surrounded by numerous and armored police forces, the cops raise their guns and shoot in cold blood with 38 bullets 18-year-old Nikos Sampanis. Typically brought into the arms of civil justice are 7 cops involved in the murder, who under the blessings and praise of the Minister of Uniformed Killers himself, Theodorikakos, are released. The operation is a complete success. Score – one dead for one stolen vehicle.

From propaganda to praxis

Justice is a revolutionary affair and comes like the Sword of Damocles on your heads. As a minimum first retaliation for the previously announced murder of Niko Sampani, we take responsibility for the explosive attacks with low-powered devices on the houses of two bounty hunters in uniform, Lefteris Gatos at 19 Graziou Street and Dimitrios Daggli at 45 Olympiad Street, in the early morning hours of November 15th in Thessaloniki. Our attacks took place a few hours after a new outrageous event came to light: the arrest of yet another uniformed man for indecent assault on his 4-year-old daughter. We had made it clear that nothing goes unanswered, let alone a murder. And while incidents of police brutality are increasing by the day, passive waiting is not one of our characteristics. We go on the offensive again by publicly stating that as of today the bounty list has 19 more unpunished scumbags (with no guarantee that the above two will not be re-targeted in the future).

To cut the laughter…

Last July, we proceeded to put a public bounty on 21 hired killers of the Greek Police, showing you a small but not insignificant sample of our own factionalism in the face of your impunity. And we saw the fear and terror in your eyes when you took Tsairidis from channel to channel crying and begging justice for protection. A few months later, our deeds complement our words. As long as you are unpunished, you are unprotected. History itself has shown that murderers and torturers will always meet the punishing hand of revolutionary violence, of true justice. That is why our attacks on the political descendants of the junta’s torturers, a few hours before the anniversary of the ’73 uprising, are a tribute to the memory of the dead of the Polytechnic.

“…To all those defenders of social normality and class peace who, in every small or large social uprising, try to marginalize the most dynamic and politically pioneering part, which for them is always “in the minority” and “acts against the peaceful majority”, we must point out that the history of social and class struggles is written by people determined to clash for their beliefs. By people who, even when they are few in number, manage to connect, to inspire, to mobilise many more, who manage to set the political terms of the struggle and create legacies for new, bigger and more decisive struggles.” – Revolutionary Struggle – Armed Attack at Perissos Police Station

Fighting comrades, the times we live in do not offer the luxury of rest let alone truce. The state has reconstituted the mechanisms of repression and violence and is constantly attacking the social base politically and militarily. We owe a struggle that must be fought by all of us collectively. A struggle that will erect mounds of state repression to build the mass self-defense of the oppressed. A struggle that must change the correlations of power and strength against the attacking minority represented by the political and military elite of the rulers. And this struggle will be violent, illegal, militant and radical without pity and compassion for any of them, unleashing all the appropriate means to give exemplary and punitive responses to tyranny.

Fighting comrades, we call on you to support in practice the revolutionary war that is raging. Raise the tools of practical challenge to the domination of the enemy. Create new groups, organisations, cells of revolutionary violence and radical formation. Re-energize the public dialogue of aggressive coupling of militant resistances and actively support the networks of revolutionary violence that are waging relentless battles with their small and large forces. With the insurgent memory at the side of every dead, at the hands of the uniformed units and the fiery power at the side of every prisoner of the social-class war, we invite you to the paths of the war confrontation. Where life becomes truly meaningful, meeting the responsibility towards historical duty. The task of subversion and revolution.

We have the right, the anger and the determination. And these are enough. In Piraeus his name was Nikos Sampanis; in Wuppertal, Georgos Zantiotis; in Minneapolis, George Floyd. Elsewhere he didn’t even have a name, just blood on the hands of the cops. In detention centres, prisons and psychiatric hospitals, on borders and fences in Belarus, in the Aegean Sea… For this bloody list of victims of the Republic in uniform, which grows day by day from incidents of abuse, torture and executions, one single word echoes nightmarishly: REVENGE!

Attack without mercy on the security forces

Houses, police stations, ministries under fire

PS: On November 2, 2018, anarchist comrade Kevin Garrido Fernández was murdered inside the private prison of the Stgo 1 company by a fellow inmate with the prison guards not intervening, taking him to the hospital after an hour already dead. Kevin was sentenced to 17 years in prison for 3 arson attacks , at the San Bernardo gendarmerie school, at the 12th police station in San Miguel and at a power substation. For 3 years he remained consistent and unyielding in his ideas. From the fiery paths of Thessaloniki we send our incendiary solidarity to every angry cell of revolutionary violence in Chile, to the ends of the world, contributing to the spread of Black November in defense of memory and struggle. To justify the loss of every comrade who gave his life for Uncontested Freedom.

Direct Action Cells – Organization Anarchist Action

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