ATUBES, October 2019

Ten movies streaming across that, that Internet, and what happens to your own personal Internet? I just the other day got... an Internet was sent by my friend at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday. I got it yesterday [Tuesday]. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the Internet ANEWS space.


Announcing the October 2019 publication of ATUBES, Digest of the Anarchist Tubes - volume five, issue #5, from anarchistnews dot org.


& imposed PDF*:

Four pages total, with eleven articles included:
- How to find and take action against border infrastructure in Canada
- Call to Action from Some Informal Anarchists in Permanent Conflict
- Distributaries
- 50 Police Taken Hostage
- 3 Groups of Antagonistic Cells Disband
- Chile: Resisting under Martial Law
- Anarchist Paliyenka Attempts Suicide in Court Room
- Statement on the Passing of Sean Kealiher
- Anarchist Activity in Belarus: Recent News
- Detroit trash incinerator closing —eco-apocalypse continues
- Accountability, Backbone, and Change: A Protocol for Community Care

* imposed PDF printing instructions: print double sided, fold, insert, staple if desired.

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for the primis?

if only all the people-who-still-read-things-on-paper-more-than-on-the-screen were anarchists. what a different world...

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