BASTARD Series kicks off in Oakland this Saturday!

For nearly two decades, members of the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group have been organizing the annual BASTARD Conference — a day-long gathering of autodidacts, vagabonds, and pseudo intellectuals discussing anarchy and related shenanigans. This year, we’re trying something a little different... Introducing the BASTARD Series!

This will be a once-monthly series of presentations and conversations featuring members of the Study Group and some of our favorite minds from “the milieu” bringing you that raw shit you know and love.

Kicking things off for this first month is our good friend (and yours) Rydra Wrong! You already know this guy from Free Radical Radio and surf spots far & wide. His presentation, titled “Boundlessness: On playing out the game without a reason”, darts between thinkers as disparate as Max Stirner, Michel Serres, and Milan Kundera while exploring what it means to engage in self-creation and a relational ontology from Rydra’s unique nihilist-inflected perspective. Whether you’re a philosophy nerd, a lifestyle anarchist, or a crustified oogle, this evening will have you kissing the void and loving it...

Join us for the first of many upcoming evenings of conviviality and conversation amongst Bay Area anarchists!

Saturday, July 20, 7-9pm
@ The Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster St in downtown Oakland
Free and open to all, though donations to benefit the venue and future presenters are appreciated

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wow, a unique nihilist-inflected perspective, just what i've been looking for

I like where it's gone for the most part. I prefer cynicism to nihilism as an active orientation and practice but these guys on the whole are cool beans.

I think you mean "nihil-esque" rather than the insipid sounding "nihilist-inflected perspective" which carries with it an ideological infection.

Right on! True nihil orientated ppl don't have perspectives or discusions, THE JUST SMASH SHIT AND CULTURE!

What happened to the old bastard format?
Has rydra's dictatorship of study group extended to what was a genuinely interesting gathering? Thus making a tyrannical cyulture that no one else wants to participate in the project?

I guess the prior dominance of the unofficial director of the study group doesn’t count as a dictatorship if you liked him. Simpleminded denunciations are simpleminded.

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