Call for Anarchic Action from Féminas Brujas and Insurrectionists (FBI)

Anarchists Worldwide, México City, México


“Provocation” and “illegality” means any action that is not enforced by the State and exceeds its laws and standards; that is why the authorities insist on presenting the anarchic war against the system of domination as a “provocation” that seeks to unleash repression. But reality teaches us that repression is here and now and is practiced by power on a daily basis either in a veiled or brutal manner.

The State continues to maintain a monopoly on violence and is only willing to share it with so-called “organized crime” groups and others who also share the same DNA, demonstrating that there is nothing new in its Fourth Transformation. As we have always stated: they are the same misogynist dogs, but now with a cherry colored collar.

Finally, the anti-systemic rage managed to spread fury to wide sections of the so-called “feminist movement”, sadly asleep until yesterday afternoon. At least now they understand that pacifism is the most active accomplice of patriarchal power and domination.

We have always expressed that we are not feminists. WE ARE ANARCHISTS and that is why we fight the patriarchy, not feminism. We know the feminist ideology and we see it in “action” daily, occupying seats and public positions, attaching themselves to our bodies and our lives to spread “the feminist homeland” as stated by a senator of MORENA (National Regeneration Movement, a social-democratic political party), forgetting (consistently) that the homeland is the territory of the Patriarch.

Neither Martha Lucia Michel nor Marta Lama nor Marilú Razo nor any of the systemic feminists (political, academic and dialogueras) represent us. Their reaction to the purple and black violence, their relationship with Sheimbaum (mayor of Mexico City), only reinforces their status as opportunists in search of a bone, so they lick her boots and they suck the balls of the president.

The best example of their complicity is the hashtag #ellasnonosrepresentan (they do not represent us), stating that with anti-systemic violence we tarnish “the defense of women’s rights”, promoting complicit passivity and imposing the politically correct conduct of the “good people”.

We are not people. To be “people” is to delegate our reality as women, our freedom and our autonomy to another, is to deny our individuality and our essence. WE ARE ANARCHIC WARRIORS IN STRUGGLE AGAINST THE PATRIARCHY.

We are conscious of the fact that we are at war and we know who our enemies are. We know what we are facing, and we also know who are allies of the system and who our accomplices are. We recognize what others keep silent: the presence in the national palace of a misogynistic and sexist, pro-life, ultra-conservative and evangelical fascist that the left has allied itself to in their constant opportunism to “seize power” at all costs.

That’s why we don’t ask our executioners for justice or for the dismissal and punishment of their brigade of rapist pigs. That would be distinguishing between good cops and bad cops. For us, the only good cop is the one who’s dead.

We don’t want dialogue, so we don’t set limits on the revolt. Our desires for destruction and our longing for freedom will not remain stuck in a dream catcher: we will be your worst nightmare!

If one day we don’t return home: Don’t light candles, light barricades!
No God, no State, no master, no husband!
State-Capital, with AMLO (president of Mexico) OR WITHOUT AMLO, patriarchy is what it weaves!
Let’s destroy everything that dominates and conditions us!
Anarchic solidarity with all imprisoned comrades around the world!
Against the patriarchal civilization!
For the control of our lives!
For the destruction of gender!
For the insurrectionary anarchic tension!
For Anarchy!
Fire to the existent!

Féminas Brujas e Insurreccionalistas (F.B.I)
Mexico City, Saturday August 17, 2019.

(via Contra Info)

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"for the destruction of gender!"

Why do people make these grandiose statements about wanting to seemingly blow up these identity categories while at the same time constantly validating and reproducing them; in their deeds and propaganda? I see it all the time among the so-called gender nihilists, who, for people who've apparently seceded from these constructs, seem to be obsessively fixated upon them?

Like, in this particular case: why would the first word in your group name be "féminas" ? Why seek recognition on those terms?

One thing I'm especially not seeing with "gender nihilists" is them confronting the gender binary mainstream by allowing themselves to be who they are outside of the safe spaces of their niche milieus. How can you smash "gender" by being so withdrawn into subcultural ghettos? That's lame and also pretentious.

To 13:04...

I don't think you're being very fair with your critique... I mean, presumably you are against capitalism and yet you probably go to work just like the rest of us. Or maybe you recognize the congealed violence and oppression of high technology and yet here you are on your computer or mobile device, and so on...

I think attempting to smash gender on the subcultural plain is perfectly fine. Mainly because it's actually do-able as opposed to attempting some sort of big gay society-wide gender bending "cultural revolution" because we obviously all know that's never going to happen.

But my point is that it doesn't really seem to "happen" in the subcultural milieu either beyond a particular set of fundamentally aesthetic consumer choices. Never before [entering the scene] have I ever felt so quantified, so judged, so essentialized and put in the gender box, so to speak, simply based on the way I look, present and carry myself.

Now, I know what the G-nihilists are thinking:

"Gender may not be 'real' per se... but it is nevertheless 'socially real' here and now, and so it goes..."

And so the problem I have with that is this is essentially saying: "after the glorious 'gender rev' or insurrection or whatever... we can relax and finally act like these things aren't real (because they're not), but until then we're going to act like they're real and treat others accordingly, sorting out the elected from the damned."

But why, in our own fucking private domains, we who share this understanding; why can't we live amongst each other as though this destruction has already occured?!

I don't want to wait until after your stupid Castle in the sky of a revolution to be free of (among many other things) the subjugation of Category, especially in the milieu, with all it's (inverted or otherwise) roles and silly expectations.

Quiero libertad ahora mismo wey. A carajo tuyo revolucion izquierda.

i mean your point is interesting but these witches are still way harder than you, amirite?

anyway, we're sorting out the attic of the world and apparently everything is going in the "destroy" pile.

> anyway, we're sorting out the attic of the world and apparently everything is going in the "destroy" pile.

this but unironically

I attack walls with paint, and the floor, with fire.

These easily reproducible acts are very insurrection.


No mams we... XD

Also why do they call themselves "anarchists, not feminists" who desire the abolition of Gender as concept, etc. and yet spray paint the symbol for Feminism on a wall (far left) and call themselves the "insurrectionary female witches"... ?

i don't know, maybe cuz it's hella cool, points for style, get rekt square knob

It's actually hella redundant. Witches are... like, already female anyway?

You sound like the kind of person that would say "ATM machines"...

And "get rekt" is soooo 2016... What are you, from Philly or something?

pssh, shows how much you know. masc witches are a thing, just cuz i say so.
i'm not from philly. what's wrong with being from philly tho? ur from philly. salem's p near tho.
im in 2013, i can time travel, cackle cackle cackle

pretty sure the photo is for illustrative purposes only and wasn't included in the original Spanish language post on Contra Info.

I see what you did there. You just won the internet.

FBI = Freakin Bullshit Inserection. Their"ll still be captal an highrarchy

Ugh, this action sums up everything wrong with the modern insurrectionist project and why it's failed and not going anywhere: paint on the walls and running the risk of catching criminal arson charges over.... some smoldering cardboard that, at best, will leave a black mark on the floor and no more?

I miss RAF

but RAF sucked tho, and were cookoo too.

other groups from the time were better, and actually anarchist.

but back then people didn’t know ANYTHING.


haha, i look at all events smugly.

hindsight is only true vision, since it takes time for light to bounce to my eyes, for info to travel from my eye to my brain, and for my brain to process it.

ha ha hee hee. im SO CLEVER.

with one fell swoop, i’ll design the anti-master plan with no mistakes.



like and subscribe

Cayate, pinche pendejo.

It's not an unreasonable assumption to infer the associated action pic with the authors of the communique. And, if there's truly no action to accompany the communique as you say, then... that makes it even worse, jjaja. And so it's come to this! Calls to action appealing to everyone (and no one in particular) with no direct action, no PBTD to set the tone or lead by example?

IA is dead...

09:02 bases all his (definitely, definitely HIS) snarky replies on a quick skim of the headline and a glance at the pic

Assuming the picture is only an Anews add-on to the original Spanish text from contrainfo for spectacular and illustrative purposes, then regardless of the contents of the communique, it remains a call to action... with no action: telling people what to do rather than doing it yourself. A good example is always more powerful than a lecture.

Weird that it vaguely references some sort of movement-related incident with no specifics. Does anyone know the context?

i saw some stuff on twitter,
look it up. start with the anews twitters pripherals or mutuals, or retweets or whatever is the term

hello, i am receiving your call.
thanks for calling.
[joke about not talking to the FBI]
[self-deprecation for not heeding call]

This is the part of the comment that is not meta.

I wish there were more of them and less of me.
where them > 1 and me is < 1.

“A week ago, a riotous demonstrations broke out in Mexico City after it was discovered that four police officers had abducted a 17 year-old woman and raped her in a police car. This is not an isolated incident, and soon feminist, anarchist, and community organizations marched on the Attorney General’s office smashing windows, destroying office materials, and writing graffiti on the side of the building.”

Fighting the immorality of police is not the concern or business of anarchists. Getting drawn into the corruption of a system is demeaning and makes one part of the problem. Its up to the righteous moralists living within the corrupt system to fix their own mess. I'm surprised that more anarchists don't mention this glaring error in anarchist praxis, that to become embroiled within the toxicity of a system invariably rubs off, and makes one voluntarily complicit in the very processes one is trying to overcome.
Sim Earth shows that a tit-for-tat methodology leads to þhe extinction of both sides in the long run, look at Easter Island, or how much destruction and waste the Cold War produced.

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