Can the police be set on fire?

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Czech, afed: Can the police be set on fire? -- Report on the trial of an anarchist songwriter
Date Thu, 5 Sep 2019 09:58:44 +0300

"Fuck gender, take a molotov, burn the police." These few words written on the sign are enough in today's Czech Republic to drive you to court. This is what happened to the anarchist songwriter performing under the name Beltza Gorria. The first hearing in her case took place on 9 July in the building of the District Court in Karviná. This was preceded by annoying her family and without sending her a cops summon (apparently it's harder than sending e-mails, sms and calling), they launched a search for her. After long secrets, she eventually learned that she was accused of "inciting the crime of violence against an official" and the police expressed their efforts to combine her activism with the Phoenix 2 case, although it makes no sense at all.

Support for her, but also other prosecuted activists, expressed on June 22 anarchists from northern Moravia in several solidarity actions . For example, friends from the Anti-Fascist Team 161 produced a giant banner saying "Stop Political Trials." They can lock you up, but never break ', which they hung over a busy road.

During another trial held in Karviná on August 29, an 18-year-old anarchist was sentenced to a two-month sentence of imprisonment for one year. She appealed the judgment. For A2larm , who was interested in the case, said: "Even during this case, the police convinced me that my attitudes were correct. And I don't regret taking this banner. Security could be ensured even without the police. "

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