Car Arson in Solidarity w/ Anarchist Prisoners

from Athens Indymedia via AMW

State Vehicle and Security Car Set on Fire in Komotini, Greece in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Chile

Komotini: For the continuation of the incendiary tradition.

From anarchic conspiracy for the diffusion of rebellion “Sebastian Oversluij Seguel”

"There are people who are bullets for weapons that have disappeared or have not yet been discovered. Others are knives and recognize as a sheath only the heart. And others are flowers that bloom in cement. The rest could and do not exist."

From March 22nd, political prisoners in Santiago, Chile started a hunger strike. The requests of the fighters are not to pass the amendment to Article 321. A law aimed at killing political prisoners as it significantly reduces the conditional release. They also fight for the release of anarchist and subversive prisoners, the prisoners of the rebellion and those imprisoned for the Mapuche struggle. A typical example of the mediated modification of law against the enemies of power is that of the comrade Marcelo Villaroel, who has been imprisoned for 25 years for attacks against state and capital. Based on this law, he won’t be entitled to a request for conditional release until 2036.

Wanting to show our solidarity with Chilean anarchist comrades, we burned a state vehicle of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and a security vehicle on Saturday April 17. As we saw the vehicles brighten, a wide smile formed on our faces, seeing our action successfully completed.

We send a guerrilla signal to the comrades in Chile who fight on streets with rage and consciousness against power and its defenders. Battles that keep alive and topical the bet of the lasting anarchist rebellion conducted with arms, fire, lead and passion for destruction of the existing.

By monitoring the revival of the anarchist movement in Greece on the occasion of the hunger and thirst strike of Dimitris Kubontina, we saw the dynamics and effects of the multiform anarchist struggle with mass paths, conflicts with suppression forces, interventions of all kinds, as well as an impressive wave of multiple anarchist attacks with hundreds of guerrilla hits and sabotage, thus transferring fear and war to the enemy camp. The flame of anarchist rebellion remains alive in Greece. The resurgence of the guerrilla in Greece has already begun.

Anarchist Conspiracy for Diffusion of Revolt “Sebastian Oversluij Seguel”


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