From Chile, presenting Acracia, the card game

From El Libertario

by Jorge Enkis

Acracia is a licensed free to play role playing card game that promotes direct action, mutual aid and solidarity. This game is ideal to introduce common theories and forms of solidarity together, in an entertaining and instructive manner. It's specially great for boring and rainy afternoons!


The game dynamic is simple, there's two groups: the red team and the black team. You must choose your group by playing rock, paper, scissors. Each player must draw 4 cards from the deck at the beginning of each game. Then they can draw one card with each turn, each player is free to receive or send an attack to one of the other opposing players. The winner is the group or team with the most solidarity. Because the key to win the game is mutual aid.


You can order this game to be delivered to you here: But the open source philosophy of the project also allows the posibility to print it at home for free. You can download all the ready to print files from here. We have four languages available for you. Choose your language and click to download.

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You can buy Acracia, through PayPal - the cost is 6 USD - or your can contact us via email at to reserve yours.

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