Conspiracy and Anti-Repression Organizing

Conspiracy and Anti-Repression Organizing

From From Embers

Jan 24, 2020

Conversation with an anarchist and anti-repression organizer about how conspiracy charges have been used against anarchists in Canada and the United States, some challenges and lessons learned from supporting J20 defendants and others, the Tilted Scales Collective's upcoming book project, Representing Radicals: A Guide for Lawyers, and more.

Check out the links below for more in-depth discussion of some of the cases discussed in the episode as well as related texts about repression, security culture, and conspiracy charges.

The Age of Conspiracy Charges

Guilt By Association – How the Prosecution of the RNC 8 Threatens
Dissent and all Political Organizers (pdf)

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group – The Charges and How They Came to Be (pdf)

We’ve Got Your Back: The Story of the J20 Defense: An Epic Tale of Repression and Solidarity

Confidence, Courage, Connection, Trust: A Proposal for Security

Solidarity With Our Comrades in Hamilton: To Stop Gentrification,
Destroy Capitalism



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they are making a book on how to face the legal system with more confidence, one idea for a reference resource would be also to how to get out of paying speeding tickets and what not...

Wait... so you consider driving a car to be a right that anarchists should help you defend?

It's a privilege. Behave like some dangerous LeFool on the road and you get what you deserve.

Interesting interview. Glad to be hearing from someone who has been committed to antirep stuff for so long and with the connections on both sides of the border to draw out trends. I do wonder about the value of anarchists mounting public campaigns with media strategies, since losing our specificity as anarchists is beyond what the state had the power to inflict. But that line about one of the goals of antirep campaigns being to leave everyone in a stronger position for the next round of repression, and also not to allow the space for legal or less-criminal action to shrink is a good argument

can you say more about your critique of anarchists mounting a public campaign with media strategies and how it leads to anarchists losing their specificity in struggle? do you mean via recuperation? i don't necessarily disagree, but am curious to hear more about what you mean and how you see this playing out.

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