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Desert is now available as a series of ten podcast episodes at This is necessary reading/listening on green anarchism, from its wealth of anarchist perspectival information on global warming and exactly what to expect in the coming years, to its insurrectionary conclusion. I have attempted to represent a sampling of the extensive and fascinating endnotes within some of the episode introductions, but for the full 36 pages of endnotes, pick up a copy of Desert from, available with your choice of two cover designs.

"An anarchism with plenty of adjectives, but one that also sets and achieves objectives, can have a wonderful present and still have a future, even when fundamentally out of step with the world around it. There is so much we can do, achieve, defend, and be -- even here, where unfortunately civilisation probably still has a future." ~Desert, Ch. 9, p147

Forward & 1 No (Global) Future
2 It's Later Than We Thought
3 Desert Storms
4 African Roads to Anarchy
5 Civilisation Retreats, Wildness Persists
6 Terror-Nullius Returns
7 Convergence & the New Urban Majorities
8 Conservation Amidst Change
9 Anarchists Behind the Walls
10 Desert

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Step 1: Every time someone tells you to read desert, DRINK
Step 2: Wake up in a ditch after every attempted conversation with anarchists
Step 3: Eventually, grudgingly get around to reading desert
Step 4: Get mad at it
Step 5: Read it again
Step 6: Realize you still just have to actually do things, same as before

Desert is the American post-left version of 'The Coming Insurrection'. Now available in two different covers!

Desert is a dreary badly written wannabe TCI/Call. It's not worth reading more than half-heartedly. And there's no way I would consider it part of the post-left.

Is anything worth reading with a grain of salt? I just remember reading desert and mildly enjoying it. Obviously not to be seen as groundbreaking and prophetic.

Appelistas are insufferable and bad. Desert is a realistic non utopic anarchist book. The coming insurrection is some secret vanguard bullshit.

Not much appelist in my opinion, not really post left except in disdain for reformist mentality, the thing i notice about lumpin is recently he's basically been calling everything that pisses him off post left, more recycled shit about the sacred value of reading and doing some sort of an analysis i clearly don't understand. In a respect, i hear you about the cabalistic language of tiqqun/appel even though they do have some nice quotes...interlaced with some strangely super-academic ones...

idk, all i know about myself is that I'm a fool especially when it comes to well written print media stuff, the thing that bothered me the most about desert is the question again about anarchist terrain in the future slums, it's kinda confusing considering that i still really have no idea who an anarchist is and isn't. As cheesy as this is, taking that seriously is all about learning to deal with your own self-torture in a way that doesn't foist misery onto other people as well. What i did like about desert though, were the reflections on what climate change means in the long run, i don't want to leave the impression when i criticize certain aspects of the stuff i read that i'm just shitting on all of it. There were also some thoughts on Christianity in the third world that are not surprising yet kinda eye opening. I think there were some implications in that also critiquing the idea of poverty generating the revolutionary subject, but i don't remember, anyways that critique is definetly post left. It has been years since i've read it.

I try to be generous about my opinions considering a lot of the outrageously bad stuff i see put on here that even chisel and greg make fun of in their radio show, like ya know, black rose anarchist federation, the infuriatingly weird stuff that comes out of the mouths of payed opinion columns flirting anarchism, 90% of crimethinc articles i've seen posted on here over the past year. Someone might come on here passing by, "why are people so opinionated and hostile here on anarchist news?", but reading the articles leaves very little doubt as to the reality of the political and social situations that span the globe, more and more confusion, crazed absurd rants, once again treading beaten paths that lead back to binary warfare.

Desert is a Rorschach test and a mirror all in one slim volume.

I feel like most of the psychiatric community has forgotten what made psycho-analysis so popular....

But how is this a Rorschach test?

supposedly everyone is reading the same words. these disparate assessments of the text are people telling on themselves the way an ink blot is the same but one's interpretation gives the psychiatrist clues.

one can interpret my comment in the same light, of course. ;-P

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