From Embers: Fairy Creek

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Weird hearing from an anarchist who did have a positive experience at Fairy Creek, particularly someone who’s seemingly less leftist/activist. Myself and people I know have had nothing but unfortunate experiences. From the sounds of it they did put a bit of effort in to ingratiate themselves with certain camps I never contacted though, maybe I just didn’t meet the cool people?

This episode also exhibits an issue I often have with the reportback format, which is that the person doing the reporting’s interests are not fleshed out enough to make it clear where they’re coming from. Not a problem with a more detailed story telling, but for something with value judgement galore it’s hard to sus out.

After a hiatus, the anarchist podcast From Embers has re-launched this month.

The latest episode features an interview with Skyler Williams of 1492 Land Back Lane, a land reclamation on the edge of the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve near Caledonia, Ontario. This week marks the one year anniversary of the camp which was reclaimed last July in response to plans to develop a subdivision on Six Nations Territory. Skyler speaks about a year spent at the camp, the recent announcement that the McKenzie Meadows subdivision has been cancelled by the developer because of Six Nations resistance, and what’s next for folks at Land Back Lane.

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