Eric King No Longer able to receive mail


The Warden at FCI Englewood has decided, during a global pandemic to remove all general mail from Eric. This illustrates so well the deliberate indifference that belongs to ALL wardens to the lives of prisoners. Further isolating a prisoner that you have on a suicide management plan.

For the next 6 months (until this restriction is re-evaluated) Eric will be unable to send or receive any mail from anyone other than his mother and wife. 

This is completely devastating for this who care for Eric, and worrying about the difficulties of surviving torture while so isolated. There is a bit of good news in this. Eric will still be able to receive books and magazines. 

Right now this is the only way to let Eric know folks out here are rallying for him and here to support him during this terrifying and turbulent time for him.

Softcover books and magazines only. If it is questionable content wise, it is advised not to send it. FCI Englewood is heavily censoring Erics incoming literature. 

Books can be sent in mail and from the publisher, or a site similar to Amazon. 

Eric King 27090045
FCI Engelwood
9595 w Quincy ave
Littleton Co 80123

Eric also still desperately needs help raising legal funds

If you can help or share it would be greatly appriciated

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We should really be doing more than sending books and funds in a case like this. Dox the governor, phone blockade the jail, inundate them with random mailed-in contraband until they lift it. If this was Greece, Eric would probably hunger-strike then people would riot and sab stuff. These statist scum are power-crazy, impose costs higher than those they're preventing and they won't do it.

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