France: 3, 4, 5G… boom!


from Attaque

Telework, digital cage… boom!
Obedience, brainwashing… boom!
Screens, chips, tracking… boom!
Smartphone, smart home, smart city… boom!
Green technologies, grey lives… boom!
Military industry, energy industry, industry at large… boom!
Always connected, always more stupid… boom!

A small contribution that the State and its journalists were kind enough to pass over in silence.

On February 28, the offices and a 4×4 of the telecom company GMS (a subsidiary of Scopelec) in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban were burned down. GMS is the main 5G installer in the region. We also left a little message: 3, 4, 5G… BOOM!

Strength and courage to those who attack without delay.
War on the technoworld.
We will strike again and again.

but also:
Creativity + determination = boom
preparation + audacity = boom
love + anarchy = boom

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