G.A.R.I.: Documentary on a '70s anti-authoritarian armed group

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Sharing a feature-length documentary on G.A.R.I. (Revolutionary Internationalist Action Groups), which carried out a number of attacks against the Franco regime. Most famously, they kidnapped a banker, demanding freedom for anarchist prisoners in Spain.

The film, created by the child of two G.A.R.I. members, features interviews with those involved, alongside animated re-enactments, centering largely upon the kidnapping.

G.A.R.I. is noteworthy for the (alleged, in some cases) participation of Jean-Marc Rouillan, Octavio Alberola, Lucio Urtubia, and Jean Weir, and therefore its place within the constellation of anti-authoritarian guerrilla groups of the '70s: The First of May Group, The Angry Brigade, Action Directe, Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación, Azione Rivoluzionaria, etc.

I snagged this, with English subtitles, from Stuart Christie's vimeo a few years back before it got taken down. Figured I'd share it. Please download & share, as it might get removed again.

Just a reminder that the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners is coming up. Film screening benefits for imprisoned anarchists are always an option.

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I haven’t watched this documentary, but I think chunks of it were used in that vid that was posted under the article:

I wanted to know where they got it from cuz i wanted to watch the whole thing. It’s really inspiring, really fuels the imagination of what can be possible, but also about what could not be replicated due to things that have changed.
Obvs we can learn and laugh at their mistakes, and see how the state and corps have adapted since.

If this doc doesn’t contain the bits of forging and bank heists i’m alluding to, then go watch the other vid lol. But the events mentioned above were possible due to the id and check forging.

The two documentaries used in that film were The Angry Brigade (available on youtube) and Lucio (which can be found as a torrent). Both definitely worth watching. Lots of overlap in people/activities between those two films and this one.

Well i finished watching this one, and i enjoyed it, would def recommend. Might watch those other two later.

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