Germany: #Fight4Rojava – Mercedes Dealership Attacked

from anarchists worldwide

During the night of the 5th to the 6th of November, a Mercedes dealership in Kreuzberg in Berlin was attacked by militants as part of the #Fight4Rojava campaign. The militants smashed the windows of the dealership and threw paint-bombs at the building.

Mercedes is owned by Daimler AG who also own a military division, Mercedes‑Benz Defence Vehicles, that supplies the fascist Turkish state war machine as well as the military forces of Algeria, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Here are some excerpts from the claim of responsibility for the attack that was posted on German Indymedia:

“Daimler AG is supporting NATO partner Turkey’s war of aggression against the most progressive social project in North East Syria. Profits count more than anything else in the world of capitalism.”

“Like our friends in Kurdistan, we fight for a liberated society. A society without profit motives, power structures and patriarchy! We wish death to the capitalist system and we will never stop holding you to account!”

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LMAO! This is so meta-symbolic. Let's see if I have this straight...To "fight for Rojava" some people in Germany smash a Mercedes dealership because Mercedes the company (not the dealership) also happens to supply Turkey with military vehicles (not the Mercedes cars that were smashed) which are used in Syria (not Turkey or Germany) against the Kurds in Rojava.

Is this right?

The Mercedes company is the same that produces the cars AND the military supplies to Turkey. The dealerships are selling cards produced by this company, aaaaaand the profits go to this company (with a fraction to the dealership). Where are those distinction? Only in your mind.

Fragmented minds are an early sign of dementia, which has gone viral these days in the West due to junk food that clogs arteries while causing inflammatory symptoms in the brain. Stop eating from the Walmart, it's bad for your health, and especially your brain.

I'm aware of all that. But this meta-protest was so many steps removed and so tangential to what is actually happening on the ground in Rojava that it beggars belief that anyone could think it would have any impact on anyone or anything outside of the woke anarchist micro-ghetto.. This amounts to nothing more than a small insurance claim for Mercedes. Meanwhile Turkey proceeds with its invasion.

God you people are fucking nuts.

its low-risk, meaningful for the scenesters, and is not practical at all.

Yeah, the mercedes dealer will fill out an insurance claim for vandalism and they'll have even more money.

dude...did they happen to smash the particular car you were intending to buy?
i don't get what you're going on and on about...

except targetted trolling, that is

im just sick of anarchism nothing more than a hollywood production and aragorn scratching his butthole. I mean, John Zerzan? Seriously? Do i have to make a name for myself and write some long winded essay to be able to think critically about these things?

I don't get why we aren't allowed to criticize people who pull off these spectacular stunts. Like I said before, we don't know if this actually happened, and with ITS we can be mostly confident that it didn't.

Also, i kinda with-held my criticisms before of rojava kids because it's pretty much identical to my contemporary's "this area is so boring and stupid! I'm going to go somewhere else where it's hipper and cooler!", but yeah, there is something very strange about going to another country to fight a revolutionary war. Out of the two, that one is probably better and more worthwhile. Neoliberal capitalism has basically made every place you go exactly the same.

whaddya mean YOU people?!

LMAO! This is so meta-symbolic. Let's see if I have this straight...To "read and participate in anarchist media" you got on in anarchist news, see an article about a direct action against a Mercedes dealership and have a problem with it because you think some stupid stuff got smashed that you think didn't deserve it, and now you want to defend that stupid stuff.

Is this right?

LMAO! No,I have a problem with symbolic protests that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the direct immediate cause of what it is someone is protesting against. Do you actually believe Mercedes or Turkey gives a flying fuck about this meta smashism? Do you think this will have any impact at all on anything geopolitical?

Apparently, you are stupid enough to think so.

Wow, Kellogs better keep their guard up, the Turkish army have cornflakes in their ration packs.

and eat your damn corn flakes! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

well at least they didn't get caught, in the end we still don't really know if this actually happened.

It is fair to say though, however, that when anarchists go around telling people to "be dangerous", they become a de-facto part of the police state apparatus, putting young bodies in danger in the service of capitalism in not too different of a manner as the military does. Part of me wants the anarchist media project element of radical politics to end, the other part of me knows that at least now young people are still allowed to think about departing from the consume, career, die model.

Anarchists, if you want to be criminals, then it would be best if absolutely nobody knew about, or better yet look to redifining what's "criminal" and what isn't. If you want to steal stuff from a store, think about it as forgetting to pay for it.

… nope. Actually it's pretty different. Spreading ideas versus indentured servitude as a professional killer. Yup! Pretty different ...

Remember, Crime Thinc. asked their readers this question:

"If you're life were a book, would anyone want to read it?"

And so did the army.

People wouldn't want to return to pre-civ life, they risk their life being so indescribable that no one could write a blog about it!

They wouldn't want to return to "preciv life" because they've seen homelessness and don't wanna get there. Of course, their scope is limited to the city as a world bubble. Yet in most places this is quite confirmed by the countryside being sparsely populated by red necks who just hang out between family and old time friends and also probably abuse their kids. So, urban normies somewhat understood, even if not excused.

And at least the anarchists are less likely to ruin your life than the other aforementioned criminals.

However, I still dont think people should go to green scare, theres probably gonna be a cop lurking around.

I didn't forget. You're just straining to reach for the point you're trying to make. Apples are oranges and oranges are whatever you say. So fuck off with that noise, anarchist media isn't the same as state military propaganda unless the dichotomy is between doing nothing or being persuaded to do anything.

you're once again showing that you read the stuff on here without thinking at all. I never said the two were the same, i was only insulting people who told anarchists to "be dangerous", because what kind of a depth is there to just "being dangerous"? OH I HAVE A GUN LOOK AT ME I'M SO DANGEROUS! Also, why does my life have to be a book? And why does whatever anyone does have to make sense from an anarchist perspective? Is it a crime to try to flesh these things out over the internet? It's clearly just as pointless as throwing paint balloons and cracking glass at a mercedes benz dealership...i really hope they don't go to prison for it...

It worries me that people on this website are constantly confusing the things that people who don't identify with the clique come here and say! They're basically ready to insult and bully anyone who doesn't agree with them.

no u

anarchist websites are digital prisons and the so called rebel fans are just henchmen who want you to step in line with the anarchy norm, that means never criticize, always show solidarity and agreement to anything with the anarchist label.

learn to shut your mouth and pull off these attacks yourself, and don't cry when the anarchists don't send you a postcard in jail because they didn't even know that it happened!

look at ur effort, in proportion to mine.
now watch as i never comment again.

Sigh ...You made an analogy that I disagreed with (because it was stupid). Deal with it. Wring your hands all you want about how clever but misunderstood you are lol

deal with it!

and that wasn't an anology, if some dumb kid goes to jail because of some edgy pamphlet you wrote, the prison gaurds have joyful boners that they've found a new friend who isn't some muscly gang banger with tatoos who doesn't have any problem killing people! The worst part is, we are technically part of the prison system if we pay taxes as well!

if you back down, or you have anything to say that doesn't respect their valiant nature, then you are a normie. Any type of an anarchist action is one that calls for our solidarity, transcending borders! FireWalkWithMe, you have proven, you are working with the mercedes-benz dealerships to lower anarchist morale!

Nothing about the make believe State called "Rojava" is anarchist. Most if not all "anarchists" fighting there understand this. Do some basic research and find this truth for yourself. It's an imperialist pawn match. "Anarchists" fighters there are doing joint patrols with the US military, for one example.

Ok, you win. All day, I just write "edgy pamphlets", specifically so children go to jail. #calledout #definitelyallpamphlets

And you frequently put words in other people's mouths to prop up your frail ego.

This wasn't about you, and you decided to make it about you, what a pathetic fucking human

Look, you seem annoyed and that amuses me but all I did was strongly disagree with your analogy. You certainly seem comfortable disagreeing with other people's posts here, yes? Maybe quit crying when it happens in the other direction, k sunshine? ;)

anews baleeted my post. it seems it did happen. there's a sentence blurb about it in the local crime beat about people throwing stuff at the dealership. i would not be terribly shocked if they get caught. it so cheesy that the "militants" write this silliness about "fight 4 rojava" by throwing stuff at a building. they didn't get to spray paint their hashtag on the building and that's a shame. i'm jealous and wished the internet was around when i was young. i could've wrote these political tracts on the internet about how my petty vandalism was for the cause. i think i might have to start doing that now since i've been clearly missing out on spreading the word. it kinda hard to make it in the crime beat around here tho. :(

Yeah, run along and go play outside. Then post pics about all the things to make them real!

Its the nihilists again, but connected now by social networks, which act as a catalyst for latent traces of ressentiment!!!

Targeted trolling of Anarchists Worldwide once again on this site by Aragorn posing as anon. So Captain Obvious, but he thinks he is such a genius and thinks no-one knows what he does.

You're teenage mindset towards this "disruptive operation to sow chaos and discord" in our camp is too crude and transparent to be anything other than an annoying prank. You're mentioning names here and there, of people, tendencies, groups, platforms and projects, and trying to pit them against each other. But the only effect it has is to annoy me, since no one else is reading this crap or responding to it. You're basically here on your own spamming every thread with your spiels.

hi this is anarchists worldwide - well one person from the AWW collective. we don't agree with the premise that we are being "targeted" by this website / project. it's just par for the course when your content is shared on anarchist news, trolls are gonna troll, and apart from the trolls there is always going to be a diverse range of opinions in the comments - some for, some against, a lot of humor and sometimes some really out there stuff haha. you always have to brace yourself for the comments, because people don't hold back with their opinions, but it is what it is, and it's getting new people to look at our blog and that's great!

Our brave passionate anarchists who feel for the pain of the simple Kurdish folk will not sit in armchairs mocking and insulting the heroes of Rojava who have put their life on the line but rather valiantly go forth with inflamed hearts and hands clenching rocks and iron bars and smash up all those fascist objects which are displayed in the markets of the dealers of despair, the corporations which spread their tentacles far and wide into the very fabric of the oppressive war machine, sigh, smash on my valiant warriors of truth, do not heed the scornful jealous words of the armchair brigades!!

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