Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Seven of these nine episodes are readings from the Autonomedia books Gone to Croatan, edited by Ron Sakolsky and Jim Koehnline. One is the Fifth Estate book review of Gone to Croatan. The ninth is the essay Gone to Croatan by Hakim Bey, from the Autonomedia book T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone. If you listen to only two of the episodes, Immediatism suggests The Legend of the Great Dismal Maroons (episode 552) along with Hakim Bey's essay (episode 558), which contextualizes the Great Dismal maroons as a group among various groups of people seeking autonomy, some of whom interestingly applied to the US government for status as tribes; it was thought that if they got tribal status it would open up the legal reasoning for there to be a reservation for every group that wanted one, including anarchists.

Fifth Estate book review
Great Dismal Maroons
Iroquois Influence on Womens Rights 1
Iroquois Influence on Womens Rights 2
Return From Without
Manifest Manners 1
Manifest Manners 2
Gone to Croatan by Hakim Bey (from the book TAZ)

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After all "Gone to Croatan" is one of those articles where Hakim Bey's paedophilia is crucial to bring up to be able to understand what are his goals and motivations

if you'd like to connect gone to croatan with pedophilia in a way that isn't just mocking the author because you don't like his views on this subject or rehashing a very tired argument, please, go ahead, because nothing you've posted thus far has done that

devil in the details of the TAZ, so I've learned in a hundred unpleasant ways!

but all that means to me is how naive a lot of the participants often are, when they suddenly find themselves on the hook for their ...underdeveloped prefiguration. a TAZ is always just the sum of its parts

Thanks for answering! And sorry for my earlier style of writing

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