Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair Spring 2020

The very first Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair took place May 11th-12th 2019 in the small town of Boyceville, Wisconsin. Some people were too afraid to show up, some tablers dropped out last minute and other tablers showed up to take their place. Overall, more people showed up than expected. Secret workshops covering illegal activity took place. Venders had their books stolen. One person had their tent pepper sprayed.

The Dangerous Space Policy was intended to create the conditions for anarchy. No one was banned, asked to behave or scolded by any organizer. Each individual acted according to their will and desire, accepting the consequences of their actions. People took conflict resolution into their own hands. Almost everyone was armed.

Someone asked in a comments thread if any of the organizers were indigenous. At the time we laughed. Because who fucking cares? But the answer was yes. And so we ask you; where were you to come find that out for yourself? Most of the organizers were APOC. But we didn’t give a fuck about the dreaded hair on the white oogles, nor did we care to keep track of how many white people were there. We shared affinity and laughs with many of them while discussing practical ways to materialize societal collapse. We really do mean it when we say fuck identity (and) politics.

The organizers of this event didn’t make themselves known. Because what’s the point? Nobody needed us. The bathrooms were labeled so no one had to ask where to shit. The kitchen was taken over by vegan cooks, dishwashers and dumpster food gatherers. A fire pit was dug out in the backyard and people crowded around for stories.

This letter isn’t intended to be a report back but instead an invitation: Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair will be happening again spring 2020. We invite many of you internet warriors, identity politicians, and anarcho-leftists to come be dangerous with us. We also dare any authoritarians of any stripe to show up and fuck with us.

As hosts, we should make it clear that we do not wish people harm, nor do we wish to have their books stolen or safety violated. It’s just that we are all too aware that becoming a statist agent of enforced order will not bring peace, freedom or safety. No law can truly protect anyone. Even presidents and kings have been killed by determined individuals. Rather, we much prefer to create the conditions for individual experimentation with violence and self-defence.: If you had no “community”, the state, or morality to have your back in the world, could you survive permanent conflict? Does your safety start with a political theory or the end of a blade?

Abandoning the politics of internalized victimhood is for us a more honest and practical way of interacting with the world around us. We can not rely on the morality, guilt, and pity of others to survive. Conflict is an unavoidable element of social interaction.

So for those with so many questions: What is nihilist anarchy? What is an individualist? Why are so many of us individually fed up with safe space policies, academia, communization theory, and identity politics? Why do so many of us despise civilization and technology? Why are we not afraid to be banned from “the movement”? Is there something else beyond leftism? We don’t have any universal answers for you- only individual experiences. Leave your marxist utopian visions at the door and see for yourself.

Call it a gathering, a conspiracy, a bookfair, or whatever. We don’t care about A-News internet debates (let alone the internet much at all). And don’t be surprised if people get bored and walk out on your talk about communization theory, “building autonomy”, or the (not) coming insurrection. Civilization is collapsing and we welcome it prepared with knives, guns, and whatever else we need to destroy the shackles of victimhood.

The poverty of political correctness won’t stop fascism. The inverted hierarchies of identity politics won’t liberate individuality. The government of social control can never give you freedom. The only joy many of us find in life is insubordination and clandestine attack on every manifestation of society.

Karl Marx is dead. There is nothing to build. There is only life as a playground for anarchy. Let's get wild!

Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair 2020

Questions? Tablers and bands?

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Antifa? Oh fuck off, Flower Bomb. This shit is going to be overrun with dumbass crusty trust fund kids again. One more bookfair until civ collapses!

Haha too afraid to get dirty w/ the crusty kids? Go circle jerk with the boring ancoms and academic hipsters then.

i'd love too, but by what i've gathered from some twitter accounts, we might get a skin rash unless those peeps get that sorted out

"The Dangerous Space Policy was intended to create the conditions for anarchy. No one was banned, asked to behave or scolded by any organizer."

Can you explain why both Z and A! were disinvited, then?

A! was never disinvited. We ran out of tables/space (not realizing crimethinc would drop out last minute which freed up space but still no extra tables). Ask A! where he and a couple other tablers had to set stuff up. Also both Z and A! are welcomed to join us for this one. Z wasn't disinvited neither. He simply didn't want to go.

The picture says "buttsex" and it's called "anal orgy.jpg".

ps. bring lube and condoms. and soap.

These folks seem so hype about their “dangerous spaces” policy like a society allocating the most space to those with the most force has never been tried before...

Yall fools really think ppl were too scared to come and didnt just forget about your lame ass bookfair? Quit frontin

Naw dawg people like you arn't scurred, just boring, practicing their anarchy on a keyboard on da aneeews.

haha, that would apply perfectly to me a well, but i'm all for the gsabf, totally dig it, no hate.

that's the way it works. the people that forget and don't come are the people you don't want to come.
the people that were there wanted to be there and enjoyed it.

party at mom's house! byob!

Eat me!

your mom is very nice, i enjoy events at your house. i will bring beer.

never before have "nihilists" cared so much about how dangerous they appear to the herd whose recognition they so desperately crave for something so completely mundane. how utterly ridiculous. what a shame.

not so much posing as dangerous, but extra-legally preemptively rescinding potential liabilities.

a moral and rhetorical safeguard against implicit and unknown risks, as well as an explicit rule of “no rules” with an implicit addendum of in-group social norms.

do y'all have a location at this point? is it in the same place or are ya gonna bounce around, rondy style?

Dangerous space, yet it seems eco-extremists are not "welcome"

and not the fake "eco-fascists" that hide their white identity politics behind environmentalism rhetoric

I mean the eco-extremists comprised of Native warriors

show up, as long as you don’t show your eco-extremist Native warrior membership card at the entrance, you’ll be fine


Hype for this! Heard a lot of good things from people who showed up last year

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