The ICL brings together a number of anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary unions

From A-infos

It is born out of their desire for closer collaboration and to add an international dimension to their local work, which will allow them to coordinate with comrades around the world and make their struggles visible to a global audience. ---- The International Conference of Labor Unions in the Garment Industry began today in Colombo, Sri Lanka ---- Delegates from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Spain, Germany and Sri Lanka will discuss common strategies to fight precariousness and allow workers to achieve their demands through mutual support and international solidarity. ---- 21 February, 2020 in international, Syndicalism ---- The Dabindu Collective, after touring across Europe (where they visited France, Germany and Spain), organized this meeting of unions in the region, with contributions from the CNT from Spain and the FAU from Germany. The ICL's representative introduced the confederation's principles and reinforced the idea that rights can only be gained by fighting for them.

The Federation of Garment Workers Union (FGWU) in Myanmar, together with the Solidarity Center, described difficulties with and violations of labor union rights. The Garment Workers Trade Union Center (GWTUC) of Bangladesh explained that union members and workers who demand improvements are arrested, fired and the victims of false allegations.

Today, we see that the model of grassroots unions is expanding all over Asia. All participants explained that their organizations are independent of political parties. Workers make the decisions in their unions, which are also free of hierarchy. The first day of the conference closed with a workshop looking at all the actors in the textile production chain. The conference will continue on Saturday with the same participants and a video feed from Brazil and Argentina.

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