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Three of these four episodes from Nietzsche & Anarchy, by Shahin (Ardent Press,, express Nietzsche's views on living free, spreading the word through propaganda, and living a projectual life. As an encore, enjoy episode 131, Nietzsche vs Anarchism to see what he had to say about contemporary anarchism as he knew it. This book is divided into two sections, the first focused on Nietzsche's own writings (see episode 128) and the second expounding on Nietzsche's views and bringing in other authors of relevance to our lives (see episodes 129 and 130). Highly readable and enjoyable, at nearly 300 pages, including appendices and extensive endnotes. Recommended! Offer feedback and make requests at

Episode 128 To Live Free
Episode 129 Spreading Anarchy
Episode 130 Projectual Life
Episode 131 Nietzsche vs. Anarchism

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For the adolescent kids just starting into anarchism, some starting points. From what I got from Nietzsche's opinion of Christians, is that they do not comprehend the psychology of ressentiment, and instead they grovell in penance and meakly turn the cheek. But their concealed ressentiment comes out in the form of moral discipline and austerity, morose guilt and puritan ethics. Nietszche says its best to return the blow and not to meakly turn the cheek because there is no heaven to inherit, and therefore do not delay justice to some mythical future Judgement Day. That's 101 anarchy for sure. And kids, this doesn't mean you have to throw rocks at the cop car, just do your own thing and avoid mobs, because democracy is just a euphamism for dumb mob rule !
Ps, I know that my raw down to earth commentary is despised by some uptight linguists on this site, try not to be to scathing pleeeeease!

that's overall a decent synopsis of the podcast, democracy is a mob and the cops/prison gaurds/military are thugs to a degree. I guess there's still some disagreements about how similar anarchists are to christians, and whether nietzsche's ressentiment towards anarchists is well deserved.

Of course, the problem with talking about anything is there are generalizations always inherent that aren't fully accurate, which is why I respect silence even though not to the extent that i think talking is bad, it's just an ethical and an egoist belief of mine that it's important to be very cautious about what one says. Or else, the mob...

To myself I view Jesus's doctrine as proto-zen, its quite common, take some shrooms and its easy to see how ideals in behavioral response require delicate negotiation and emotional depth . When he says You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." ³⁹But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also."
A drug crazed alienated person running at me with a machete and I have a pistol and shoot him in self-defence, or I hold up my arms in a surrendering posture and plead something like No brother I love you and will comfort you. Both outcomes are good for me, One for the crazy So its to do alot with context. The mob can behave in much the same way, but the likelyhood of collateral damage increases exponentially, less so now than in the slaughterous previous centuries. Evil in context, a pervert is gonna rape your granma, Do you ask yourself," Is this guy pervert or misunderstood alienated victim?" Umm No. You get baseball bat and break his legs so he can't prowl around granma's backyard right? He doesn't go to jail, you don't involve cops, he avoids you in his wheelchair. A fair piece of justice served out by an individualist. This is Nietzsche's virtuous man, not weak person calling cops to shoot rapist, or saying "Ohhh pleeease don't hurt my old granma, I'll give you some money to leave, or pleading nooo, rape me instead but not granma" No, no no, the best outcome is uberman takes baseball bat to pervert and teaches him some manners, but lets him live to possibly improve and become a compassionate person.

i agree with you! I was just thinking about how at the beginning of the pandemic i kinda wanted the coronavirus, cuz even though i've had wierd diseases before and it would not be pleasant, in some ways pain = pleasure, it's at least interesting...

I was reading the new testament last month, was digging a lot of what jesus said, but a lot of my issues came back and i didn't sleep for 3 days and i was convinced i was the anti-christ and it was after that experience i was convinced i needed to delete my facebook a 3rd or 4th time and i did...

Jeez I went through a Jesus Freak stage when I was in prison, good things happened at the time, this was not Churchianity but basic caring and doing good. I refined it later into an idea of my type of society not needing cops or prisons, but that I would break toes, ankles, knees or legs depending on the degree of evil and in what context. It serves me well and noone does bad evil shit around me. Nice.
Was also thinking that one must not jump to conclusions, maybe grandad is getting raped by pervert, but that's in my interpretation. Maybe granpa invited man back for sex and its concentual, then that's ok. Never jump to conclusions or project your own morals 9nto others.
I'm very compassionate and gentle person but don't fuck with me, a true individualist ;)

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