Interview With Warzone Distro - Uncivilized Podcast 6

Interview With Warzone Distro - Uncivilized Podcast 6

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Shared January 6, 2020

Today we sit down with some good friends at Warzone Distro and discuss some topics such as the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair, the origins of Warzone, identity politics, straight-edge, veganism, and more! We'd like to thank everyone at Warzone for their time; they are wonderful people who give way to very meaningful discussion.

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DISCLAIMER: Our podcast does NOT condone or support acts of terror or violence. This podcast is meant to serve as an educational platform for political theory, and nothing more. Please do not use these videos as a confirmation for any illegal activity you may take part in. We condemn those who take part in violent and destructive behaviors.

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There are 26 Comments

waiting for the social anarchists to pull up with their trash responses...

die mad

ls there even any reason to spend an hour listening to this if you don't think the central issue of anarchism is how to best follow the lifestyle of "straight-edge, veganism" (identity politics)?

“veganism = idpol”

I really hope this is a joke, but if not PLEASE enlighten us as to what it could possibly mean?

Identity is about things about yourself you can’t is precisely about the choices you do make.

Idpol and lifestyle politics are functionally equal in that both lead to the conclusion that social transformation is no more than an issue of promoting the correct morals and personal behaviors for individuals to adopt. Both are little more more than an adaptation of the christian ethic: renounce sin, embrace virtue and you will be saved.

Yeah I'm glad you mentioned at the end the christian ethic (I 'd also throw in their morality and post-gay transformation). Basically Idpol and lifestylism are iconic cultural pursuits which rely on the fragile and innate psychology of belongingness ; of wanting to be part of a tribe/collective ; the herding together for security ; the fear of solitude. Only the brave Stirnerian teamwork of unique individuals can break free and create social paradigm shifts worthy of awe.

in fact, perhaps I should start a Christian throat-punching dojo

you mean that old activist snitch troll, right? count me in! that'll be the best and biggest actual antiauthoritarian dojo in Mtl, evar.

so like, walk me through your brilliant deductions kid. Is it cuz I spell quebecois? it's just a keyboard setting. can't uninstall lol

nah, not your keyboard setting. just got it like that. it's a small, cold world and i don't forgive or forget. how's the restaurant biz?

An hour of liberal humanist identity politicians who know nothing of war

"An hour of liberal humanist identity politicians who know nothing of war"

Says the one shit talking online. Your only "war" is internet trolling. And you are losing.

I was actually trying to eat a big chunk of chocolate when I read this comment...

Are there any physical spaces (bookstores, infoshops, social center) that have are exclusively or mostly anti-civilization oriented ? I see this stuff online and in print material, but face-to-face... ?

there are tables full of this stuff at bookfairs for people to frown at

Some will say that the triplet flow originated in Memphis with Triple Six Mafia, whereas others say it came from Bone Thugs N' Harmony in Cleveland. At the end of the day it became ubiquitous trap music from ex prison guards like Rick Ross

the only important part is that it got used

(i enjoy it in witch house thnx)

as a person is much more than their 'role.' Their role is not their total 'identify' or even their identity full-stop... basically don't make assumptions etc etc. Then Flower Bomb gets all excited and is willing to get stuck in to cops regardless of who the person is behind their role!? Similarly, Flower Bomb slags off 'leftists' who tear in to other leftists for not agreeing with them, failing to get to know the person behind their leftist role. And so, Flower Bomb, in order for you to practice what you ask of others, you need to engage with ALL your 'opponents' on a one-to-one for you to understand the individual behind their role. Hood luck with that ;-) Having said all that, you came across well as this is the first time I've heard you.

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