Israeli Dissent and Sean Talks “Last Act”

really went of their way to not list LBC as publisher of book. why? sad.

From The Final Straw

Israeli Dissent and Sean Talks “Last Act”

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This week we are happy to feature a couple of audios we did NOT record ourselves.



Resisting Militarism and Occupation in Israel

First, German comrades attending the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair last year interviewed two Israeli anarchists about resistance against the settler-colonial nation they live under. Dana is from Tel Aviv (a member of the Coalition of Women for Peace) and Aaron is from, among other groups, an anti-militarist, de-enlistment group called New Profile. Info about the Coalition of Women for Peace can ben found at and you can learn more about New Profile at . My voice will show up in the main segment instead of one of the interviewers who preferred not to have their voice aired here. This is followed by a brief statement by one of the interviewers who conducted the interview about their views on the reasons it was difficult to publish the critique of Israel from within Germany.

The Last Act Of The Circus Animals

After this, we’ll hear Sean Swain talk about the book he co-wrote with Travis Washington, The Last Act of the Circus Animals with his friend, Adam Bomb. Last Act is available for free in 3 parts in zine format at, alongside Sean’s many other writings. You can also purchase a book version of Last Act from Sprout Distro. We won’t be airing the whole interview with Sean in the radio version of this, we simply don’t have the time. But if you want to hear the last 10 minutes or so of it, check out our podcast version available for free at, up on our youtube channel, spotify, etc etc. Keep an ear out in the next month for a conversation with Anthony Rayson and Mike of South Chicago ABC, the group that among many other things, first published The Last Act of the Circus Animals.


Bad News

TFSR is a member of the A-Radio Network. Check our show notes for a link to the latest edition of our monthly podcast, BAD News: Angry Voices from Around The World, featuring anarchist perspectives from Greece, Germany, France and Chile.

Michael Kimble phone-zap

From Monday, December 23rd onward, there will be a phone zap for supporters of anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble to call and press his captors in the Alabama Department of Corrections to demand a transfer for Michael from Holman Correctional. Michael was recently placed in segregation for coming to the defense of a fellow prisoner being beaten by a guard. He is urgently asking for support in attaining that transfer to a new facility so as to not face retaliation in the shadows from guards for his solidarity. Supporters suggest calling the following officials:

Alabama DOC Commissioner’s Office (Ask for Commissioner Jeff Dunn) 334.353.3883

Holman Correctional (Ask for Warden Cynthia Stewart) 251.368.8173

To learn more about Michael and read some of his writings, check out or issues of FireAnt. You can hear our interviews with Michael on TFSR.

Anarchist Days, July 13-19, 2020

After various attempts to break with the endogamy of our collectives, of trying and failing to move beyond merely interpreting the works of the classical anarchists, we have decided to launch this call. Our objective is to meet others and exchange experiences, skills, ideas and dreams; to return anarchism to the streets and incorporate it into everyday life.

Now, more than ever, we want to see this society go up in flames. We need to get together, to advance from the lessons we have learned, to listen to each other without arrogance or submission. In this vein, this call for a week of “Anarchist Days” seeks to turn our focus and energy to the practices and resistances of everyday life; the spaces where subversive ideas and practices germinate.

We hope that wherever this call reaches, there will be a response because the fury and fire know no borders. We also want to be clear that homophobes, sexists, machos, racists, fascists, government affiliates, etc. are not welcome.

Important Dates:

  • December 20, 2019 to January 31, 2020 (Proposals for topics and themes)
  • December 20, 2019 to April 30, 2020 (Proposals for workshops, activities, discussions, presentations, actions, etc.)
  • June 20, 2020 (Final program to be released)
  • July 13-19, 2020 (J)anarquistas20-20

Contact and Information:

Invitation Spanish

Invitation English

Schedule Spanish

Intro Bilingual

. … . ..

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"Last Act of the Circus Animals" is a great book, but I'm wondering why The Final Straw really went out of their way in not providing an actual link to getting the book? In 2017, it was published by Little Black Cart and currently listed on their website here:

They don't mention the latest LBC publication for some reason (?) and instead link to a general store page from Sprout Distro that doesn't even sell the book? I haven't listened to the actual podcast yet, hopefully, just a simple mistake...

If curious, I enjoyed the book enough to write a brief review of it here:

and an audio editorial reading of the above review on the ANEWS podcast:

41 minutes in book interview starts: Atom Bomb and Sean Swain, "published by Little Black Cart" within first sentence.

They messed up and didnt check if sprout distro had it? They need to work so we can consume both the podcast and the show notes efficiently at our leisure without mistakes. I even saw a spelling error in there. Shame on them.

Plus we all know they must hate aragron and LBC and are huge bullies.

It's as if they didn't even listen to their own podcast or check their own links, like most podcasts do, including I imagine this one. The Final Straw is a great podcast, no question - and while this omission could just be an accident, I highly doubt it and to me reeks of something deeper, something that is pretty pathetic for the anarchists omitting content. Anon. commentator, if you've been paying attention over the years you will notice that Bursts used to post all of their content to ANEWS, however stopped some time ago as well. Anyways, that's enough of this irritatingly sad anarchist drama that never seems to end.

The publisher who shall remain nameless.

Did The Brilliant et al ever make it to the Channel Zero listings?

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