Jail Burnt Down

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Seattle Revolutionaries Burn Down a Youth Jail Construction Site

On July 25th, demonstrations were held across the US and around the world in solidarity with the uprisings in Portland, Oregon.

In Seattle, Washington, revolutionaries burned down the buildings at the construction site of a new youth detention center. The windows of the building that houses State Patrol and several other state offices were smashed and road flares and rocks thrown at police.

Nightly street fights have been taking place in Portland for the last six weeks between residents and city police and Border Patrol troops. The Border Patrol troops were sent as a show of Federal force, but have been beaten back by unrelenting resistance and growing forces in the streets.

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Beautiful! Encore! *standing ovation

So easy to let these moments pass by unceremoniously.

Sure I don't believe in this stuff literally, but if prisons after years of hosting suffering, become abandoned and are then considered to be haunted sites, then this site is somehow consecrated, or least it created a timeline of liberated souls that will not come to haunt it.

Sure the important thing is the impact on lives here and now. Meanwhile plenty of prisoners in crowded prisons during covid. The answer is not more comfier prisons, but free everyone, fire to the prisons, from the outside in, from the inside out, from the blueprints, to the construction sites, to the ones that are falling apart. Disassembling them block by block takes too long. Not preaching to the choir, but celebrating, and where do I celebrate this event and with whom? People out there mourning shattered windows and not batting an eye for the torture that goes on everyday.

Burning prisons (especially under construction) is one of the best tactics to counter police repression in the streets.

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