John Moore's A Primitivist Primer, on Immediatism

This essay answers the questions, What is Anarcho-Primitivism?, How is it Different from Anarchism & Other Ideologies?, How Does it View Technology?, and What About Population?, as well as how to make contacts with anarcho-primitivists. From the book Anarchist Speculations, Writings by John Moore, from Ardent Press and, which includes tributes to John and an introduction by Aragorn!. This book is highly recommended!

Also check out past Immediatism episodes 76 & 77 for John Moore's Lived Poetry: Stirner, Subjectivity, & the Art of Living, which is included in Anarchist Speculations and is also available as an Enemy Combatant Publications pamphlet through Little Black Cart.

Episode 106 A Primitivist Primer
Episodes 76 & 77 Lived Poetry: Stirner, Subjectivity, & the Art of Living

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