Kelly Wright - Free Speech and Firearm Freedom

From Non Serviam Podcast

2020 has been a wild ride, and at the moment things don’t seem to be cooling down. In this episode, we focus on a topic the presidential debates did not cover, gun control, and firearm freedom. With a looming threat of a right-wing coup, or of a presidential administration who will inevitably be hostile to firearm freedom, this conversation is especially timely. We also discuss censorship, free speech, and how social media is reacting to the chaotic climate we find ourselves in today.

Kelly Wright is an activist, public speaker, and writer who focuses on a host of topics ranging from anarchism, queer and trans rights, and privacy. She graduated from Ohio University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics. She currently lives and works in New York City with her cat Grimes.

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Rights only exist with the belief in a god or gods and a state enforcing them. the constitution or some police or government that says they are giving you this freedom but they can take it away is not a *freedom* or a *right*

fighting for *rights* is a statist position, and also advocating enforcing of *rights*

Yep, and I hate to say this, but Martin Luther King set back freedom by 100 years by reinforcing the State's legitimacy in his crazy god-fearing patriarchal tirades.

If you are anti-State then all those people that fought only for Rights and to be legitimized by the state and wanting the state to have power but with justice and equality have *set back freedom*

Yes you heard me correctly, the same with Mandela and Obama, the State still dictated the status quo, nothing really changes, they are no different to Ghandi, Castro; should I dig deeper? They were really just blowhards blowing their own secret trumpet for personal power and prestige. Omg, even at the petty domestic ghetto level there's sister Teresa and her quest for martyrdom.

Agreed, tokenism is one of the State's most powerful propaganda tools, and the horde don't have critical thinking capabilities to understand methods of coersion.

tokenism and Identity, Look at the people Biden is getting, fits the progressive Identity for the Liberals, and they will never look at who the individual is and what they have done

Because its the Anglo-Saxon capitalist and corporate hegemony which employs the tactic of tokenism. If white people had been enslaved and exploited by non-white States, they would have found a white dude to stand up as a token positive example for social justice to appease racial tensions or uprisings, but unfortunately I cannot find a single case of this ever happening in the past 8,000 years of history.

You are raising the important issue of the relation of reforms to revolution. Yes, I agree that "rights" are an abstraction whose reality depends on the context. Rather than say that African-Americans had the "right" to full equality, anarchists say that we are committed to support their struggles for full equality. But this does not mean that struggles which used the language of "rights" are nothing but mistakes which strengthened the state. The Black mass movement of the 50s and 60s was under ideologies of "rights" ,calling on the national state to protect African-Americans, and relied on the Democratic Party. Yet, for all its weaknesses, it led to the destruction of legal racial segregation in a third of the U.S. (Jim Crow). This was a great victory, and despite its limitations, laid the basis for further struggles--as we have seen.

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