Legal Defense Fundraiser For Eric King


Poster reminding folks of Eric King's legal defense fundraiser.

"All funds will be held in trust by the law office and used to pay legal costs and fees associated with defending Eric, his principles, and the rights Eric and every prisoner has to live without fear of harassment, abuse, and deprivation at the hands of the state."

Eric’s Legal Defense Fundraiser can be found here

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Yeah, the whole point here is I don't actually know:

1. What this individual is accused or,

2. What sentence he's facing,

3. Or anything about his case.

If the people posting this had any kind of credible engagement with the larger world outside of their safe spaces, they would always post some sort of short account here.

Among other things, drawing attention to this guy's case in the big bad scary world outside might render him less vulnerable to victimization right now, and, maybe even increase the likelihood of his being freed.

about your point instead of talking about "social skills", there were actually other articles about what happened to this guy, so why didn't you google any information like people normally do? Maybe tell your comrades that there are more rewards than risks by including more information? Why do you need to make so many generalizations about groups of people

It is argued that the dude got passionately caught up in a protest against police brutality, threw a molotov at an empty government police building and was used to "set an example" of, without any consideration to his psychological makeup and intent. He isn't a terrorist yet was sentenced as if he was by the severity imposed. This called just as equally, it is argued, a case of intent to destroy property to call attention to the plight of oppressed people. It could be argued that there was compassionate intent behind the action.

It's almost like there's a hyper-link at the very top of the article that takes you to an entire website devoted to the guy...

this guy doesn't even exist! There is no BOP, find a more reliable website.

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