Let the Strikes Return, Let Squats Proliferate, Let the Looting Come

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This following article is one of the texts of edition nº1 of “Madrid Cuarentena City.”

The Covid-19 crisis has once again highlighted that this world belongs to them because it is taken from us. The rich and powerful will emerge stronger from it, supported by the State. And we, poorer than we were before. And if we were, it is because there were rich people. The crisis only intensifies these processes.

They take everything away from us because there is private property, property of the land, of the house, of the space … And based on that right of property, regulated by the State, they force us to pay for the most basic: (food, housing, etc.) and force us to work for them if we want money to survive. What would happen if millions of workers did not go to work in full confinement? And politicians and journalists speak of moderation, unity and responsibility with a horizon of evictions, dismissals and uncertainty, because the health crisis will go away, but the conditions of exploitation and misery to which we are subjected will prevail and they will increase exponentially. The health crisis leaves another question: Does anyone believe that Amancio Ortega [a billionaire businessman] or Esperanza Aguirre [a politician] will be denied a bed in the ICU if they catch the virus?

We can not return to normal, there will be no normal anymore. Power is preparing for what will come next. Let us do it: rent strikes, strikes in jobs and in schools, wildcat strike; no more parties, unions and rigid structures. And let’s take, let’s not wait, let’s suck up the empty properties that are the subject of capitalist speculation by real estate, banks and investment funds. We will build networks of solidarity and mutual support.

And let us do it knowing that the State is already prepared with thousands of military, police, cameras and drones to protect order, to protect property and work, because the authority is a guarantor of the exploiters to continue subduing the exploited. We will take to the streets, we will not forget, we will not forgive, there will be no government, ballot box, vote, military, police, journalist or judge capable of containing the epidemic of rage and revolt. It is up to us to hit back. Loot the rich.

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