Looting is wealth re-distribution

Looting is wealth re-distribution

From Covid-19 Chronicles by Peter Gelderloos (video)

Are riots a gift to the right? Should property destruction be condemned by social movement leaders? OR is non-violence based on a falsified histories of struggle? Are riots the language of the unheard?

Peter Gelderloos, author of "How Nonviolence protects the state" spoke to me earlier on today about all this.

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For those of you who may want to replay that part out of context for a meme or chuckle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVfewOuJBh0&t=18m28s

But more importantly, what was said just preceding that was:
"Let me just be direct for a moment. If you're tuning in at a protest after police have just murdered a black person and you spend time worrying about how some of these folks are smashing a store or taking T.V.'s out of a store, you are a racist. It's very very clear. On the one hand we have more than a thousand people, disproportionately people of color, murdered by police and on the other hand we have broken glass and stolen clothes or stolen televisions. If you even just dedicate a minute to talking about you know "Oh what a tragedy that this glass is getting broken or these televisions are getting stolen", you're putting inanimate property in a more important place or even in an equivalent plane as all these murdered black and other racialized people. That is a racist position. I think we should not have tolerance for those kinds of moral equivalences.

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