Manifesto of the Anarchofeminist Libertarian Front

From FLARJ via El Libertario

The AnarchoFeminist Libertarian Front (in)surges from the roots of the Río de Janeiro metropolis. An autonomous and horizontal organization with the objective of strengthening and promoting the spread of the anarchist proposal and of direct action against patriarchy.

Understanding that capitalism is the material base to all inequality, and that female emancipation will only occur through the extinction of the State and the class system, we continue fighting for the right to autonomy over our bodies and our potential, the right for our LIVES.

While mainstream thought says that social life, specifically in a complex society, could not exist without authoritarian combined with the coercive power to impose them, anarchofeminism, as part of the anarchist movementa, abhors the need for political authority that attributes itself with the capacity to guide a population; we underline the need to deepen the intersectionality of gender, ethnicity, class and sexual identity in the struggles against oppression: the end of these structures is the way towards the liberation of women.

We understand that anarchy and horizontal forms of organization as the only genuine path towards liberation, and only from the ruins of capitalism liberty will sprout.

Anarchists, survivors and combatants against ALL types of domination and exploitation!

For popular organization, self-defense and direct action!

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[Published originally in Portuguese in Translated to Spanish by El Libertario.]

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