MARGINS OF REALITY - Massimo Passamani

MARGINS OF REALITY is a new podcasting project undertaken by a group of friends who share an intense passion for anarchy and limitless experimentation. We have been collaborating with each other for quite some time on a number of print projects (some of which will be familiar to the more notorious cretins out there), another podcast (over at, and a weekly anarchist reading group that most of us have been attending for years. In embarking on this new endeavor, our intention is not only to document and share some of the insights, aporias, and experiences that have emerged out of our conversations and lived experiences of revolt; we also aim to create for ourselves and others a space of limitless experimentation and limitless self-creation for those with the audacity to "base [their] affair on nothing" and consciously construct their life against all domination and submission.

We’ve been sitting on the first episode of this new podcast for quite a while. Seems like we recorded it back in May yet it’s only now getting released. This episode ostensibly concerns the writing of Massimo Passamani, specifically a few of his contributions to the 90s Italian insurrectionary journal Canenero. The pieces we read were “Patience”, “Children’s Thoughts”, and “To Each His Nothing”. However, as we are wont to do, the conversation quickly rambled far afield from the selected texts into related issues of interest for incendiary cretins such as ourselves.

The crew for this maiden broadcast was Nev Ferox, John Henri, and Big Kat; editing and post-production by Nev.

In the next episode, our trio of wastrels is joined by… lets just say a good friend of ours who never fails to gesture toward bold new horizons of anarchy with his prolific activity. I know many of you are also quite fond of this particular vagabond, so check back soon to hear the four of us discuss Antonin Artaud, Rikki Ducornet, and much more spicy shit.

And following closely on the heels of ep2, you can look forward to a 2+ hour interview Nev did with Jason McQuinn recently, Both of these will be out sometime in September… sometime. We have chosen to eschew a regular schedule for this project, meaning we'll just be recording when we fucking feel like it and our schedules all permit. That may be more or less infrequent. Guess you’ll just have to check back regularly for updates!

Our website is at and we invite you to send your comments and critiques to marginals (at) riseup (dot) net — either text OR (if you‘d like us to potentially play your message at the top of the next episode) audio.

Thanks for listening!

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This just became my new favorite anarchist podcast. I think I recognize all of you from the stuff you've done over at FRR. Very excited to see where you take this project!!

Hot words, isn’t it?

So, what to do with all these ancestors? With all these papas?
Illegal joy in the market-place sanctuary! Just ruin them!

So, what to do with all those contemporaries? With all those geniuses?
Illegal joy on the heads of shit-heads! Destroy them! Wreck them!

And where does illegal pleasure continue?
With killing the bosses, from the first to the last.

Not a word but a sword! Not a word but a sword!
Millions of dead fartists!

Let’s have all fartists come down!

Destroy them!

Reduce all revolutionary bosses to shit!

Ruin contemporary lubricant-artists!

Kill papas!

Extirpate the miserable brood!

Be determined!

Hurrah to illegal pleasure!

Using established morality to criticize is actually using authority, which is no different from using stick. If such sticks are combined to form a mass movement, they form a fasces, which means fascism. So anarchists should not be criticized in this way. True criticism is a gift, not a trial.

In fact, I know why anarchic individualists do not support revolution because they are afraid of fascism. But this made the same mistake, without considering the moral composition of the revolution. It became dogmatism and sectarianism.

So that's why I deliberately say that revolution is a tyrant of total freedom. Modern people are very afraid of "tyrant", "authority" and "rule", but they don't think about the basis of power and morality. I did it to get people to think about it again.

So that's why I'm an artist. I exposed these problems through performances.

it’s truly hilarious to watch the pitiful sycophants come out of the woodwork to declare your righteous indignation about a situation you clearly know nothing about and were not actually involved in in the slightest. see my comment below directed to another of your sad number.

I also almost lost my shit when they mentioned how much they missed Aragorn, they who would have him 86ed from the reading group. At least have the courage of your hatreds!

Maybe this got better but I only made it about 10 minutes in before the vocal fry and faux academic jargon made me want to throw my laptop across the room.

faux academic jargon or real academic jargon?

next week's totw...

and who the fuck are you again? a drooling donkey who was never actually there for the conversations you’re referencing. whereas all of the people who recorded this were actually present for Aragorn’s self-initiated break from the study group.

and how exactly did we “86” him, as you assert in your prodigious ignorance? by refusing to stop reading works of fiction and philosophy in the group, as Aragorn insisted? by questioning the specious notion that we had an obligation to “the community” to read nothing but explicitly anarchist texts, as Aragorn famously claimed, rather than reading the anarchy that we ourselves ARE into all possible texts? riiiiight, bc refusing to grant a single participant veto power over potential readings in our anarchist study group TOTALLY equates to banishing them... especially when we outright encouraged him to continue attending and pushing for the readings he preferred, which he decided not to do.

so by all means, continue regurgitating laughably ignorant pigshit about a group of friends you clearly don’t belong to, but for some bizarre reason still insist on gossiping about and trying to assert some connection to. everyone who was there knows what happened, and that quite obviously was not you. kind of like how everyone who were actually friends and accomplices of Aragorn’s knows that none of the relationships he had were exclusively love or hate. sometimes you enjoyed his presence, other times you loathed it: it was never solely one or the other.

personally, i’ll reserve my unqualified disgust for keyboard sycophants like yourself with a pathetic need to loudly declare their position on relationships and situations that have nothing to do with them.

the three of you agreeing now about what happened doesn't make your interpretation the only or most correct one, and sur as hell doesn't explain you giving credit to someone who was so terrible.
this is not the place for this fight, so i'll be done now, but your name calling and specious honoring are equally empty and pathetic, as is your podcast, tbh. the three of you agreeing with each other for over an hour... so exciting and transformative.

There’s nothing up for interpretation here; these were undeniably the reasons Aragorn left the group and nobody who was actually there for those conversations can honestly deny it. And if you think he was so terrible, why do you care what happened?Whats more, we owe no explanations for remarking about the death of our friend and collaborator only a month after his death (when we recorded this first episode). It should be self-explanatory to all but the simplest minds that many times relationships are multifaceted and that it’s possible to harbor love and respect for people who sometimes repulse you.

And why do people need to think about concepts? Because concept is the form of thought. Religion and academies often mystify concepts and make it impossible to fight effectively. On the other hand, giving up the concept completely seems to be a method of enlightenment, but in fact, it does not form a rebellious thought. If the concept is grasped in use, the thought will be revived.

so are we.

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