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News from Riseup

It's been a crazy year. We take heart as we act with everyone standing
strong against state repression, the lies of politicians and the thugs
paid by the state to murder innocent people. May the rage that burns in
us fuel our passion and light our way!

Disrespecting the natural world results in illness and climate change,
and we want to take a moment to pay our respects to everyone who has
been affected by the turbulence.

Though neo-fascists, q-anon zombies and your angry uncle might say the
movement is funded by Soros, the reality is that we are not, we just
scrape by through the support of people like you. Every year we have an
annual fundraiser to support the communication services that riseup
provides, and it's that time again. There are a variety of ways to make
financial donations to riseup, which you can find at

We also welcome other contributions. Artists who can spare the time to
help with graphic design, printers who can help print t-shirts or
stickers, programmers that develop software we use and fix some of the
bugs you find and translators who can help us make our communications
more accessible are ways you can make a contribution to riseup and
movements around the world. If you’d like to donate your labor, please
send a note to It's hard to express how grateful we
are to those that already donate their energy and time.

We also ask you to think outside the box. Do you have a wealthy aunt who
believes in truth and justice – maybe you could ask her to make a
tax-deductible donation on your behalf to Riseup Labs, the sibling
organization that focuses on maintaining and developing the software
that makes Riseup Networks' services possible ? If you work for a fancy
software company, can you make a donation that will be matched by your
employer? Perhaps you can encourage like-minded coworkers to do so as

Throughout our fundraising appeal, we’ll be sending out "thank you"
boxes with some goodies to random donors. Everyone who donates during
our fundraiser will be entered into a raffle, and several lucky people
will randomly be selected to receive a box full of surprises. If you
make a donation through liberapay, snail mail, cryptocurrency or wire
payment, please send a note to or we won’t have a way
to contact you.

A huge thank you to the amazing groups that have contributed to the
raffle prizes – our lovely friends at PM Press, Feminazgul, Justseeds,
Microcosm Publishing, Arise Botanicals, AK Press, Slingshot Collective &
Eberhardt Press.

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They just recently announced

They just recently announced that they're dropping Squirrel Mail next June, due to no longer have community support, so that it'll only be possible to use their Javascript interface.

I don't get how come there's no alternative.

anon (not verified)
Use Thunderbird or another

Use Thunderbird or another mail client.

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