Operation Prometeo: On the preliminary hearings

from Malacoda, Translated from Italian to English by act for freedom now!

Italy – “Operation Prometeo”: on the preliminary hearings of 11th and 18th November 2020

Two sessions of the general preliminary hearing for operation «Prometeo», where Natascia, Robert and Beppe are on trial, took place on 11th and 18th November. The judge of the preliminary hearing in Genoa, Claudio Siclari, decided to divide it in two parts in order to let prosecutor Manotti speak first and the defence after.

At the hearing of 11th November the prosecutor concluded his statement in a few seconds, demanding a concise committal to trial for all three. At both hearings the defence lawyers therefore had more time to expose their arguments demanding a readjustment of the Article 280, paragraphs1 and 3 charge, where the aggravating circumstance of «lethality» carries a sentence of 20 to 30 years. For Robert, as two cassation sentences have already stated there is lack of evidence in his case, it was requested that his case be dismissed. The defence presented evidence plainly showing the non-lethality of the envelopes, something which had already been expressed in reports of the RIS [carabinieri forensic unit] in Parma in the original file of the investigation. So one wonders where this imaginary lethality, which has never been confirmed by any technical data or expert’s report in all this time, comes from and the answer is to be found in the fervid imagination of prosecutor Piero Basilone (initially in charge of the investigation).

At the hearing of the 18th the preliminary hearing judge ordered committal to trial for the three comrades, maintaining the original charge in spite of the expert’s reports.

The first sorting hearing will be held on 8th February 2021 at the Assize court of Genoa. Meanwhile, as the charge remains unchanged the reasons for Natascia and Beppe being held in prison for an indefinite period still stand unfortunately.

There was little to be expected from the umpteenth caricature-style judicial theatre, that’s for sure: all in a day’s work for judicial power. The same that arrogates the competence to decide over others’ lives by means of a distracted signature, dealing out months in jail and restrictive measures with the nonchalance of playing dice. A situation which more and more people who go against the current can come up against, a reality that it is necessary to be aware of and against which it is necessary to resist, struggle and oppose with all means necessary.

Alongside Natascia, Robert, Beppe and all the comrades prisoners of a dream.

Solidarity is a weapon, let’s use it. Let’s continue to send them all our solidarity, warmth and love.

To write to Nat and Beppe:

Giuseppe Bruna
C.C. Pavia
Via Vigentina 85
27100 Pavia


Natascia Savio
C.C. Piacenza “San Lazzaro”
Strada delle Novate 65
29122 Piacenza

To support them and to contribute to legal expenses:

– Postepay evolution account name Vanessa Ferrara number 5333 1710 9103 5440 | Iban: IT89U3608105138251086351095

– Postepay evolution account name Ilaria Benedetta Pasini number 5333 1710 8931 9699 | Iban: IT43K3608105138213368613377


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