Orkanen: English edition – Winter 2020

English edition – Winter 2020

Finally, a third English issue of Orkanen has deigned to arrive.

About time, we know.


In this issue:

  • Editorial
  • The cop beneath the human
  • It’s getting late
  • The voice of anarchy
  • War and peace
  • Your vote belongs to the state


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About Orkanen

Orkanen is an anarchist paper. For the time being, it is published in the beginning of every other month, and it’s free.

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Down with the state,
down with authorities

The state must go; the exploitation of humans, animals and natural resources must end; the production of necessary goods must be determined by the needs of the people themselves, and no one should wear themselves out while others enjoy the fruits of their labor; individual freedom must overshadow all false demands for submitting to “the common good”; everything that is holy – gods, laws, morality – must be trampled down in the dust; the authorities – politicians, judges, cops, patriarchs and all sorts of bosses – must be fought and ridiculed; the prisons must be torn down until the last brick is gone, and no human should ever again be judged by idiotic laws that only serve to protect the rich against the consequences of their actions; in other words – disobedience, lawlessness, anarchy!

Because we love life, and wish that every person should be able to enjoy its joys and develop themselves in free association with other free individuals. Despite the submission everywhere around us, and the apparent legitimacy of the state; despite of the low tide in rebellious activities in this country; despite the fact that a perspective which puts itself against all authorities is as unwanted as ever – or maybe exactly because of all this – we jump into the publication of an anarchist newspaper. But why even bother to agitate for anarchist ideas at a moment when the idea of individual freedom and a life without authorities seems more far away than ever; would it not be more prudent to dig down and wait for better times?

No, because we know that if today, the tearing down of the world of domination seems impossible, it is not because it is so, but because we allow it to be so. A life without coercion and hierarchies is almost impossible to imagine for us who have never known anything else than the world of authorities, and this lack of imagination is reflected in our ability to act. In order to act freely, we must also be able to imagine new ways of living that does not involve hierarchical relations, and in order to imagine this we must act in ways that negate the influence of the current state of things on our lives. As has been said, you can only speak of freedom in freedom. That is why the development of anarchist actions and ideas must happen in an interplay that makes them inseparable – they are useless on their own. »Tearing down must be the program, around which the anarchists gather,« wrote anarchist Sophus Rasmussen in 1907, concerning the tendency of certain anarchists to construct blueprints for the future society, and thereby »bring in new chains, where we removed the old ones,« and we feel the same today. We are not interested in manufacturing detailed visions for the future, but stick plainly to the anarchist principles of individual freedom, free association and the struggle against hierarchies and authorities, leaving it open for discussion what that may entail.

Thus, we turn towards the immediate task of destroying the existent in order to create space for a real development of life without coercion. Bakunin said that »the urge to destroy is also a creative urge,« and in order to make space for a real discussion about the organization of our lives, without the interference of the state, it is precisely why it is necessary to tear down the institutions and ideas that makes a free exchange between thought and action impossible.

This destructive project should, in our mind, make use of an array of different means – and unexpected combinations of them – in order to hammer the world of authorities from all sides. So, with this humble newspaper, we wish to contribute with a means for criticizing the rotten pillars of society, for discussion and agitation, and for communication inside the movement as well as outwards. We will do what we can to spread anarchist ideas, and stubbornly uphold – despite all “realists” who maintain the opposite – that no one has to live their lives in submission.

Towards the immediate overthrow of the existent, a storm gathers in society! Bourgeoisie, cops and politicians, hide, because here comes – the Hurricane!

Transl. note: The name of the paper

(Orkanen) translates to “The Hurricane”

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