Permanent Subsistence Zones on Immediatism Podcast

"I am not aiming for relationships that always exclude any degree of sedentariness any more than I am aiming for an obligatory sedentariness.... The village isn't a stage on a downhill momentum toward urban life. The net and song and mask aren't first steps on a path toward rank and privilege, environmental degradation or ever increasing degrees of mediated lives. They are merely the outcome of sensual wisdom, of embeddedness, of organic life ways. In this sense my destination is primarily toward small villages and seasonal camps." ~Seaweed in Permanent Subsistence Zones

Seaweed argues in this essay that a return to hunter gathering life ways is unnecessary and that small encampments are an option offering more possibilities. He shares his experiences gathering and preserving herring and describes how commercial fishing has affected the population of fish, which traditionally provided the first major food in the area each spring.

This episode was a listener request, as were three essays of Seaweed's recorded previously on Immediatism. Keep the requests and feedback coming, to

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All four of these essays and others are included in the book Land and Freedom, from Black Powder Press, available from

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