Political Prisoner Antonio Nieto Galindo

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Antonio Nieto Galindo has been demanding his freedom after more than 40 years of imprisonment in prisons in Spain and France. He is imprisoned for bank expropriations. After several years in prison in Spain, and now they are preparing to transfer him to France where he was sentenced to two life sentences without attending the trial

His statement:

Today, December 6, 2019, a holiday in the Spanish state, to celebrate 41 years of the approval of the Constitution, I, Antonio Nieto Galindo, known as Antoine, imprisoned since February 9, 1979, serving a limited penalty of one total of 50 years, 7 months and 7 days, which I will leave on January 3, 2020. I need less than 1 month, but I will not be released, but extradited to France for being sentenced to life imprisonment, with total fraud of the law, by the French judicial system, for crimes committed in 1978, knowing that I was imprisoned in Spain. Judged, therefore, in default, I am handed over to France by order of the National Court, section 3, with the complicity of the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Justice, police system. This OEDE [European Delivery Order] was not enough to me in perpetuity, now already 67 years old, suffering from prostate cancer and other health problems. This past Wednesday, December 4, the Court of Instruction No. 4 has accepted to charge me again another OEDE of 20 years of Condemnation in absentia also with total fraud of law, with the ridiculousness, on the part of this Central Court No. 4, of decreeing me a provisional prisoner communicated and without bail. Now I keep asking the entire government of the Spanish state and its judicial system, a government called left: I did fight against Franco’s dictatorship to get an end to that dictatorship. Spain claims to be a state of law and democratic based on its constitution, is that what it is called? To his king Felipe VI, to all its members that make up the government, to his so-called justice, to the police system or state security forces, to his society in general, except workers and parents who see them black to feed to his children! I, Antoine, from my captivity for more than 40 years for crimes of expropriation of the usurers of the state, called banks, I shout very loudly, with my despair, the following: your constitution is a farce and shit! I congratulate her on her 41 years! I affirm him as an anarchist and as a human being, a former member of COPEL [Coordinator of Prisoners in Fight], and a member of prisoners in struggle.


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