Radical Mycology, an SLF Primer

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Prepare for mushroom season with Radical Mycology, a primer from Spore Liberation Front. In this episode, I share their radical ideas and self introduction, leaving the majority of the sections for you to explore. These include identification, cultivation, diy dyes and papermaking, and spiritual applications, among others. You will want two copies, so that you can carry one out on your autumn hikes.

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If you're going out hunting for mushrooms just get "All that the Rain Promises and More" alongside "Mushrooms Demystified" (which you should keep at home because it's too big to carry around) or, better yet, get your bioregions mushroom field guide and if you still have trouble identifying what you've found then learn to use Keys. I love the work that Radical Mycology does, but the zine isn't really that helpful as a field guide.

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