Radio Anarchism Era Video 18: My voice is coming from Afghanistan

Radio Anarchism Era Video 18: My voice is coming from Afghanistan

From asranarshism

My voice is coming from Afghanistan

From a country whose people are drowning in fire and blood

The situation here is becoming worse day by day; from Balkh to Kandahar and from Herat to Nangarhar the Afghan people are burning

Bloodshed is everywhere and massacres are taking place

What are we not suffering from

From hunger to unemployment, from massacres to violence against women or the destroyed world of children, and the silence of intellectuals

Seeing the entire situation, I am ashamed for myself. I am ashamed and I am tormented that I have seen the tears of our mothers, fathers and children but I cannot do anything

And this is very painful for me

I am talking about Afghanistan

I am talking about that restless and wounded land

My heart is on fire

This fire is the fire of spite and hatred that rages against the enemy

The situation that rules our country and people today is in the hands of human enemies (American Imperialism), their mercenary state and its servants

To conclude, I call on our compatriots to all join hands and unite to end this horrible situation and defeat our enemies: America, it’s allies, and other imperialist bastards

And those who hear my voice, wherever you are, send my message to the entire world

۱۳۹۹/۲/۲۳ (May 12, 2020)
Parwana-e Kebrit (Matchstick Moth)

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