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Today, on the evening of June 16, we look back on a militant day and a temporary autonomous zone and look forward with a clenched fist. Yes, we will remember the barricades in Rigaer Straße and their collective defense for a long time with a big smile on our faces. Step by step, the Senate and the owners are burning their fingers at the attempted destruction of our home.

After the street, there are now problems on the legal level. A higher administrative court has considerably complicated the starting position for those responsible at the Senate and the letterbox company for the attack on our house. The latter, represented by Bernau, Luschnat and von Arentin, was forbidden to enter our premises at all. Moreover, the cops are to be given access only to the stairwell, attic, courtyard, etc., but not to the private apartments.

At this moment, the expert, who is now declared to be responsible, is told by our lawyers that he can inspect the fire protection in our house without any danger to his health and can come in and out without any problems. Of course, without even a cop, as we have already declared in January 2021. And we keep our word. That should have become more than clear again today. Completely in contrast to the word of numerous politicians*innen, whether in the district or senate, that of the cops or even a windy letter box company. Some of them still dare to claim that it is not about an eviction of Rigaer94.

In this context, we would like to point out that we have already carried out several fire safety assessments since November 2020 and have remedied deficiencies on our own. It is up to the Senate and a letterbox company not to have accepted this and thus to have gradually unmasked their pretextual argument that it is only about the safety of the residents of Rigaer94 and their neighbors.

So, if the politicians decide to storm the building, they will go the way we already predicted. In this case, we will defend ourselves. Against the cops destroying everything in order to be able to declare our house “uninhabitable” as a result. Against the fact that our beloved place and its inherent ideas of collectivity, mutual aid, solidarity and self-determination are to be destroyed.

Today we have shown to all those who doubted it that we are not only ready but also able to intensify the conflict with the state and its henchmen. We met them at a time when they did not expect it and for which they were certainly not prepared. We thank all the people, neighbors and friends who showed solidarity and we are looking forward to the coming hours.

Your Rigaer94


Rigaer94: Unsere Erklärung zur aktuellen Situation

Heute, am Abend des 16. Juni blicken wir auf einen kämpferischen Tag und eine temporäre autonome Zone zurück und schauen mit der geballten Faust nach vorne. Ja, wir werden uns noch lange mit einem breiten Lächeln im Gesicht an die Barrikaden in der Rigaer Straße und ihre kollektive Verteidigung erinnern. Schritt für Schritt verbrennen sich Senat und Eigentümer an der versuchten Zerstörung unseres Hauses die Finger.

Nach der Straße gibt es nun auch auf juristischer Ebene Probleme. Ein Oberverwaltungsgericht hat die Ausgangslage für die Verantwortlichen beim Senat und der Briefkastenfirma für den Angriff auf unser Haus beträchtlich erschwert. Letzterer, vertreten durch Bernau, Luschnat und von Arentin, wurde untersagt, überhaupt unsere Räume zu betreten. Die Bullen sollen zudem nur Zugang zu Treppenhaus, Dachboden, Hof, etc. bekommen, nicht jedoch zu den privaten Wohnungen.

***In diesem Moment wird somit dem nun für zuständig erklärten Sachverständigen von unseren Anwälten kommuniziert, dass er den Brandschutz in unserem Haus, ohne Gefahr für seine Gesundheit begutachten und problemlos rein- und rauskommen kann. Selbstverständlich ohne auch nur einen Bullen, so wie wir es schon im Januar 2021 erklärt haben. Und wir halten unser Wort. Das sollte heute erneut mehr als klar geworden sein. Ganz im Gegensatz zu dem Wort zahlreicher Politiker*innen, ob im Bezirk oder Senat, dem der Bullen oder gar einer windigen Briefkastenfirma. Einige von ihnen wagen es immer noch zu behaupten, es gehe ihnen nicht um eine Räumung der Rigaer94.***

Wir weisen in diesem Zusammenhang darauf hin, dass wir seit November 2020 bereits mehrere Brandschutzgutachten durchgeführt und Mängel eigenständig behoben haben. Der Senat und eine Briefkastenfirma haben dies bewusst ignoriert und somit nach und nach ihr vorgeschobenes Argument, es gehe nur um die Sicherheit der Bewohner*innen der Rigaer94 und ihrer Nachbar*innen, demaskiert.

Sollte sich die Politik also für eine Stürmung entscheiden, geht sie den Weg, wie wir ihn bereits vorhersagten. In diesem Fall werden wir uns verteidigen. Dagegen, dass die Bullen alles zerstören, um unser Haus daraufhin für “unbewohnbar” erklären zu können. Dagegen, dass unser geliebter Ort und die ihm innewohnenden Ideen der Kollektivität, gegenseitigen Hilfe, Solidarität und Selbstbestimmung vernichtet werden sollen.

Heute haben wir allen, die daran gezweifelt haben gezeigt, dass wir nicht nur bereit sondern auch fähig dazu sind, den Konflikt mit dem Staat und seinen Schergen zu intensivieren. Wir haben sie zu einem Zeitpunkt getroffen, an dem sie nicht damit gerechnet haben, und auf den sie mit Sicherheit nicht vorbereitet waren. Wir bedanken uns bei allen solidarischen Menschen, Nachbar*innen und Freund*innen und blicken gespannt auf die kommenden Stunden.

Eure Rigaer94

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Emo oi, fight and cry... the fire safety pretext for eviction is absurd, remind them how they burned R84, they want to find fire hazards? they will find them in the streets

It's the usual excuse used by municipal despots in rich countries so to justify evictions. Interesting how this time around it got exposed by other agencies/instances. To me the response is still always minimal at best. Yes, resisting the eviction is necessary, but you could do more, like occupying/locking down the offices of municipal despots or attacking their fucking houses and cars as deterrence from further repressive actions.

“you could do more, like …”

Clearly you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening in Berlin. Do a quick search and you’ll see.

All I heard was random attacks on yuppie cars and smashing of new housing projects. What else?

You know, this site is a good place for educational sharing of info (like about "what's been happening in Berlin"), so why wouldn't you? U too much a prick?

Nice victim complex. You talked shit on the Berliner anarchist response by offering your expert criticism without having any clue as to what is already going on and then cry when you’re not spoon fed information you’re too lazy to search for, yet not too lazy to criticize. You, sir, are the prick.

"You talked shit on the Berliner anarchist response by offering your expert criticism"

No u.... are talking shit of me out of nowhere. I never said the Berlin anarchos haven't done anything stated above, I also suggested tactics that many anarcho-squatters haven't been doing, like elsewhere than Berlin (like for the instance of a squat eviction that happened somewhere in NA a while back, and wasn't succesfully resisted). I also only asked for what 99,9999993% of the world doesn't know about, that you pompous edgelordism is keep you from talking about, regardless of how it can be beneficial to anti-eviction struggles...

What an ego!

Some members of the species refuse to pay rent for their abode and obtain cement and rocks and block all the openings into the cave or burrow were they have wisely hoarded a surplus of food and water to see them through the winter besieged by the greedy rival groups living within their own species. There is always quarreling and disputes over territory and food between different factions within the species. Often it is the females and children who suffer most while the male of the species seeks to accumulate more land and food to own, often taking it away from weaker or outnumbered clans. Sometimes injuries occur.

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