Santiago: 42nd Day of Social Uprising, by ANA

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"We are facing a powerful and ruthless enemy who respects nothing or no one. That doesn't respect the lives of humans, that doesn't respect our heroes. " The sentence is repeated several times by the President of the Republic, this time in a previous action of the police. ---- FEAR is one of the most powerful weapons in power, so they continue to promote a climate of paranoia to demobilize and divide the oppressed. ---- The state redoubled its efforts to pass its "anti-hooded law." Piñera points to anarchists, the Barras Bravas and drug traffickers as a coordinated triad to unleash violence by trying to mix water and oil, but this is chemically impossible. ---- The communication plan is to exceed the looting of small stores, offering a great journalistic coverage. They hit the owners' tears key to the point of exhaustion to heighten the drama, that is, the capitalist press releases a powerful emotional charge to delegitimize the Social Uprising.

There is an obvious complicity (by action or omission) between police, "domestic" and traffickers, individuals without codes who are not interested in those who undermine their actions.

Undoubtedly, private property is part of what we want to destroy, but today our goals are full of strategic symbolism. If the attack on any location needs explanation, it is not symbolic enough.

An interim solution would be "self-defense committees," but our inexperience and ineffectiveness in these practices paves the way for the "yellow vests" that are beginning to arm themselves with an undeniable fascistoid breath. "May the militias return to the streets!" Is the speech repeated by lovers of the neoliberal system, although in their pockets money has always shone for its absence.

The sad reality is that capitalism is so internalized in a percentage of the oppressed and exploited that commodity and its places of supply are more important than the lives of other beings. Work, money, and consumption are a superior good, well over a hundred people with mutilated eyes.

But another part of the population has already realized the state plan and denounces it every time it has the opportunity on television, bothering every sovereign live.

Personally, I don't remember how many times I cried watching videos of shot or eyeless teenagers. I do not remember a day without the harrowing feeling of knowing that somewhere in Chile someone is suffering from police brutality or that within a police station they are torturing and raping.

On the seventh Friday of the Uprising, and after two days with low adherence, "Dignity Square" refilled and the feminist performance "A rapist in his path" was massively performed in zone zero. Performance expands nationally, globally and goes viral on social networks. So much that it can overshadow the government's discourse of fear. A giant banner opens asking for the resignation of Piñera and Minister of Women and Gender Equality Isabel Plá.

Strangers ignite the statue of the "Black Matapacos", icon of the Uprising. At their foundations, protesters build another with flowers.

Clashes between footmen and hooded people continue with many fireworks. In Concepción, police use bombs of moral effect that disorient because of the flashes of light they emit when activated, and the loud noise of the explosion temporarily affects hearing. In the same region, the stage of the Rally World Cup is canceled.

Scotiabank's workers' union and customers put pressure on the bank and fire manager Antonio Benvenuto, who beat protesters at La Dehesa Mall.

The Health Minister is scolded and his car scratched in a hospital, he had to be protected by the police. Minister Plá was also booed by protesters.

A protester is arrested in Vina del Mar for carrying and dropping Molotov bombs, he is investigated for possession of explosive material. Yesterday there was a concentration in solidarity with the prisoners of the social war on the outskirts of the (in) justice center. Police protected and closed the site.

You feel tired, but we don't give up.

May insurrectionary propaganda remain present at every barricade!


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