Solidarity from Philly to Kenosha

The Solidarity with Kenosha, WI demo was more impressive than usual. People met up, discussed the plan, and started promptly. Escalation started right away and continued as a group of over 45 people marched through the streets chanting and smashing windows of banks, business and developments. There was a surprising amount of destruction. One of the most impressive things though, was the strong collective intelligence. There was good communication, barricading, and improvisation. People were decisive about both sticking to the plan and being flexible. Folks caught and lost a police tail and dispersed smoothly due to barricades and quick decision making all the while staying level headed and tight in stressful moments.

We really appreciate everyone who showed up and their energy! The more we do this, the better we get!

Also here’s two things we think we could get better at: Staying in the streets, not on the sidewalks and covering up better (this includes eyebrows, bangs, tattoos etc.) :)

Solidarity with trash workers and the recent storm leaving us ample debris.
Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, Kenosh Wisconsin, and everyone consistently turning up and inspiring us.
Black Lives Matter
RIP George Floyd
Get better Jacob Blake

The only way to end police brutality is to end police

“We will destroy, laughing
We will commune, laughing
We will get free, laughing”

- The 3rd Annual Summer of Rage

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Wtf... no word on the shooting by fascist militiamen?

And why do I get the feeling that, once again, no guns were brought to this march, or any other means of self-defense?

According to reports and some videos & images floating around (not sure if they are legit) at least 1 person who tried to stop the shooter was armed. Unfortunately he did a really bad job at trying to apprehend the shooter, seemingly pulled his gun after the shooter already had his gun drawn on the guy, then the shooter shot the guy in the arm. Allegedly the guy had to get his arm amputated now. While I do appreciate people going armed to protect themselves from right wingers and such, you have to train with your gun and know some basics about combat. Never try to apprehend someone who has a gun drawn on you unless it is your only option to save your life. Never try to draw your gun on someone who already has a gun drawn you on, 90% of the time this will result in them shooting you before you can even get your gun out. Feign compliance, at least until you are able to get your weapon out and do not let your attacker see what you are doing. Try to deescalate the situation, don't try to be a tough guy and egg the person on to you harm you.

Footage shows a pretty messed up street fight with people running amok and some guys trying to stop the young fanatic, who at some point went shooting in every direction. Everything happening real fast.

Not like the crazy kid was standing quietly to aim at people, but it's surely not the version of fascists where he's some kind of victim. All in all, if more people would bring guns to protests, instead of, you know... behaving like Gandhi and like "bullets can't kill mah ideas!", while avoiding to use them as much as possible that might help against having this kinda mess...

But on the other hand, one's gotta wonder of you're being riled up in some civil war? Keeping a critical distance might be a better option, I suppose. Only to attack somewhere else, maybe.

there are ways to stay away from their line of sight while keeping them in yours. the contrary is suicide at their mercy. escalation in their terms is not advisable. avoiding them is, unless you're planning an ambush. parading in front of them in full gear is only marginally better than parading in from of them with none. it's a notion of confrontation that resembles some playact or sport more than any real armed opposition. rifles are ranged weapons. what's the use of having a rifle if you intend to mostly march around, and maybe shoot at point-blank range? larping, of course.

I bet all yous cop haters, yous know who Imma talkin' ' bout, yep YOU WITH THE BLM BANNERS, I bet if there was a Serial Killa stalkin' yous, you'd all be panicky and runnin' to the cops and huggin' them and sayin -- I love you Officer sir-- DAMN ANArcHIST HYPocRITES!!! ---OH OFFICER there's an evil mwuhahahaa slasher WITH A MACHETE ßtalkin' meeee boo hoohoo---# Yous make me sick yous 2 faced HYPOCRISIES Ìt would all go to hell IF IT WERENT FOR 5HE COPS go to hell AND MURDER AND RAPE everyWHERE!! Damn right THERE WOULD BE HELLLLL on Earth Wi5hout COPS!!

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