Some electricity companies attacked and two Iberdrola vehicles set on fire

from Contramadriz Translated to Italian by Inferno Urbano and translated to English to by Act for freedom now!

15th January 2021

We haven’t been staying at home these days. Like many others we won’t resign ourselves to passively watching the State’s management of the disaster. We don’t accept the consolidation of a reality consisting of soldiers, police, CCTV cameras, drones, tracking apps… while poverty and exploitation are on the increase; while the repression is striking those who fight, who don’t accept the democratic pacification of the political milieus, and continue to stand up to power.

During the night we visited various offices of the main electricity companies, representatives of this national capitalism clearly linked to the high political spheres of executive power. Windows painted and smashed, one form of attack against those who profit from theft and exploiting basic needs. Fire against their vehicles, an inverted metaphor of the cold into which they are forcing so many people.

Let these companies, destroyers of the earth with their extractive activity, perpetuators of Spanish colonialism, smell the smell of war. A special mention to Naturgy and Iberdrola, responsible along with the Spanish government (yes, the progressive leftist government) for cutting off the inhabitants of Cañada Real’s electricity [a shantytown in the suburbs of Madrid] and that of millions of other people all over the peninsula, while putting up prices with expenditure that is almost impossible for the majority of people to meet.

We chose a little vandalism to show them that we have not given up. Even if we know only too well that damaging a few windows is nothing compared with the millions of dollars that these vampires earn from others’ misery. Vandalism is just one possibility, there are many others. Strikes, boycotts, electricity theft… some other interesting possibilities. These and other forms of protest, such as squats, are necessary moves to question private property and the society we live in. Some proclaim the need for greater control of the energy sector by the State, as if it didn’t already have enough power in maintaining the status quo that subjugates us; as if a change of ownership or administration of the industry were a favour to pass round among “friends”, when in truth what they are aiming at is greater control of needs, which correspond to the reality imposed by consumerism-work. Anything we can tear from capital and its structures will come through struggle and direct action. Any offensive action, against those responsible for our misery and the pillars that support them, is legitimate.

It doesn’t matter how many pandemics and tempests befall us, we cannot neglect the fact that capitalism and its greatest paladin, the State, are directly responsible for exploitation and the destruction of life in all its most varied forms: think of those killed at work in exchange for a miserable wage so as to enrich the bosses; of the deaths of migrants in the sea (or elsewhere) as a direct consequence of the machinery of deportation put in act by all States; of the migration caused by the interests of the local and international ruling class; of the deaths related to the arms industry; of the deaths in police stations, in children’s homes, in the prisons and detention centres for migrants, wretched places that the State uses to manage poverty and beat and intimidate those who don’t bow down; of the destruction of the earth, the artificialization of existence, the tyranny of technology…

Because capitalism, even if they try to give it a human, digital, democratic, liberal, modern, scientific, intelligent, inclusive face… is this, and it is built on hunger, poverty, repression, dogmatism and piles of dead bodies.

We’ll seek complicity and solidarity in every struggle and every revolt against the State and capitalism, and will express ourselves through attack.

See you in the streets.

Some anarchists

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