Successful Expropriation of Arms from Police Station in Guayama, Puerto Rico

From AMW English along with additional MSM translation of a text via El Nuevo Día at the end via anonymous submission to Anarchist News

Following a series of uprisings that began last weekend in Puerto Rico, police in Guayama woke on Thursday morning to discover that their station had been raided. A total of thirty pistols, eighteen rifles, and approximately 4,000 rounds of ammunition had been successfully expropriated. A message threatening Governor Rosselló was found on a wall in the storage room from which these arms were taken.

Expropriation is an exceptionally risky, and yet vital, aspect of abolishing slavery in all of its forms, as well as righting the wrongs of colonialism and capitalism. Bold actions such as these help to better prepare people for State repression, the viciousness of which has escalated with each passing day of this conflict. The State has already assaulted the people with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets; it is not unreasonable to presume that, eventually, the bullets will no longer be rubber.

Direct actions such as these also serve as a means through which to return valuable resources to the hands of those who, or those whose land, produced them– resources that will be invaluable not only in ultimately defying the State but also in building an abolitionist society. Puerto Ricans are working towards this goal on multiple fronts, including by having a sort of Agricultural Revolution, whereby there is a massive push to have as much food as possible grown on the island– rather than continuing to rely on roughly 80% of the island’s food supply being imported. Eco-friendly technologies, methods, and ideas– such as wind energy, solar energy, polyculture, and veganism– are being explored and becoming more prevalent across the island.

Surveys after hurricanes in Cuba, Chiapas, Nicaragua, and Honduras have shown that diversified, small-scale farms suffer less damage than bigger farms practicing conventional agriculture. These findings have informed not only how Puerto Rican farmers themselves go about growing food, but also the amount and types of resistance and pressure Puerto Ricans apply to large food corporations that own some of the island’s land and/or its debt, such as Monsanto.

Expropriation has the potential to facilitate the return of stolen land to indigenous populations, and of autonomy to the masses, from the clutches of imperialists; and, perhaps most importantly, the return of dignity to those scores of us who have been forced to go hungry, forced into cages, forced to sleep on the streets, or otherwise forced into painful and undignified circumstances by the twin demons of colonialism and capitalism.

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48 firearms are stolen from Guayama precinct and a threatening note is left for the governor

[Translated from El Nuevo Día: ]

A total of 48 firearms, including rifles and 4,000 munitions, were stolen early this morning the Office of Shooting Instructors localized in the rear of the Guayama Area Precinct, as confirmed by the police commissioner Henry Escalera.

In addition, those responsible for the theft left a threatening note against Ricardo Roselló, who has been asked to resigned by various sectors for the past few days.

“Ricky renuncia plata o plomo” (Ricky resign silver or lead) was written on the wall by the thieves using red colored aerosol.

“At the moment, the detectives are making a detailed inventory of the materials that were in the storage. Preliminarily, the agents in charge of the investigation indicated that 30 pistols were stolen- 20 Glock brand and 10 Smith & Wesson brand- 18 rifles and 4,000 munitions of different calibers”, explained the commissioner of the police, Henry Escalera.

According to the authorities, the thieves forced the lock of the storage where the weapons were kept. This storage is located in the rear of the precinct in José Torres street.

Facing the incident, the secretary of Public Security, Elmer Román said that “we’ve comunicated this incident to the federal authorities so that they collaborate in the investigation process. We’ll continue investigating until finding the whereabouts of those responsible of this burglary that is an attentat against the security of the Puerto Ricans”.

In effect, Luis Rivera Santana, speaker of the Federal Research Bureau (FBI), indicated that the agency had knowledge of the incident and will collaborate with the local authorities to determine if there was any violation of federal law.

“The FBI received information of an incident in the Guayama precinct that involves firearms. We’ll be coordianting with the ATF and the police to investigate the incident and to determine if there are violations of federal laws.”, assured the speaker to this newspaper.

In the meantime, Escalera added that the weapons and munitions that were stolen were used for training and practice that were carried out at the shooting range.

“We’re not discarding any angles of this investigation, which is commencing. Our commitment is to find the whereabouts of those responsible. Also, there was found in one of the walls of the same warehouse a threatening message against the governor.” stated the commissioner.

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Unlikely, yea... But maybe something interesting still.

Trump has given a great cause to Puerto Ricans to tell America to fuck off as well as the system it has brought to this colony. But it could likely be the type of savage, ultra-violent nihilo-capitalism you had in Mexico for a while.

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