System Fail #9


System Fail #9 – Chile: The Frontline Against Neoliberalism

CW: Includes discussion about sexual assault, torture, and scenes of police brutality.

English and Spanish, with hard-coded English subtitles.

In this episode we look back at the wave of revolts that began in 2019, before being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We then take a closer look at one of the high water marks of this wave, Chile’s ‘estallido social’, and the steps that the Chilean state has taken to try and reimpose its damaged authority and legitimacy. We also sit down with Javiera, a Santiago-based anarchist, and participant in the Clotario Blest neighbourhood assembly.

This episode was a collaboration with Antimidia and Wind Born Films.  Be sure and check out Wind Born Films’ Chile: Veins of Resistance for a closer look at some of the social movements that contributed to the estallido social.

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EVERY society will be attacked! Abajo los populachos de submedia! Larga vida a los antisociales del sur! Mauri y Kevin presentes en las llamas!

Submedia like CrimethInc and IGD are the least to ever talk about society as a whole. It's been always about mass movements and other collective action, always throwing individuals to rot in a dark corner. Their view is exaggerating social movements and giving them a spectacular existence that is usually non-existent in the context of daily life. Submedia doesn't care about the struggle of a single abandoned person crying alone on a picnic table, but they sure do when it's one of their Friends fronting for some social movement. They are a shit crowd of petty-bourgie collectivists who can't live by the principles of their an-com pipedream. They are fine with consuming, with cars and renting or buying properties. They are a nicer way to support society and move up its ladder.

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