TOTW: heroes, people, influence, mourning, rage, spaces

Not the most articulate title, but bear with me.

So, this totw shouldn't just be about A!, by which I mean, he's a very specific and fresh example, but also, at least for some of us, entirely anomalous (although, maybe that's the point of heroes in general? IDK).

What do people think about heroes? About appreciation? Not heroes like superheroes, but actual flesh and blood, fucked up people, who were/are remarkable and changed not just a single life (which, while meaningful, anyone can do), but the resonance of someone who changes us as part of a big group that stands similarly changed. Someone who makes a habit of impacting people's lives in a particular direction, with more-or-less full intentionality. Like Emma Goldman, for example, since dingpolitik brings her to mind in their obituary to A!. I don't think anyone could be more anti-iconizing-people than I am, but a knee jerk response away from appreciation also rejects something important. Right?

On a separate, but related note, There are real people whose feelings were really hurt by A!, as will happen with people who are important in any kind of group. Do they need their own forum to mourn the passing of an enemy? Does death mean that mourners get a four-day (or whatever) grace period, before wading back into the mire of other-peoples' opinions? What are other ways of respecting both people's grief and anger?

What are good ways to remember and acknowledge that complicated people have been important to us, to remember that how we mourn can be a direction we want to go in, to remember that mourning sometimes looks like punching someone (looking at you ML), especially when we are mostly SO mediated, and something as simple as owning a server can have such an out-sized impact.

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did they write pamphlets? did they switch teams? did they snitch her out? did they bury the conflict in the name of The Greater Good?
any historians in the house?

think they mostly just chirped ineffectually from the sidelines, as the peanut gallery tends to do.

Can you distill a relationship down to simple moral litmus? Even if it's your own personal ethics you judge by, I'd say a disservice would be had by all.

Maybe heroes are a good text living their poetry in blood? You take the good, resonant, useful stuff. You are challenged, upset, flabbergasted by other aspects, sometimes for years to come. You change over time, but they leave signposts for you.

Read something like this somewhere one time -

"First I feared them, then I hated them. Eventually I understood better and I envied them."

Sometimes I would rather see a topic every two/three weeks than struggling to find one every week. I know you are doing the best you can. At the end of the day, "our anarchist gang" is too small to be lost in in-fighting and misunderstandings. Life is too short not to appreciate those in the fight with you every day. Like Emma, A! was more than just about anarchism. She was a polymath writing on many topics. If you lost anyone close to you, you appreciate those that still put up with your shit or our beloved enemies. Grief will hit you at the most inappropriate times. The Brazilian term saudade covers it well. There is an indescribable loss on something that you cannot ever get back. A! or Emma were complex personalities with many dimensions. Do you like the message but hate the messenger. Or the reverse? Or do you like trait A but detest trait B? Not that easy. My last post and going back into the shadows.I want to thank A! for introducing us to writers and topics that we may not had found yet. Will others pick up the mantle? Or we stay warm in our respective silos? :-) I would be interested in seeing more on how A! developed his critical thinking method of over 20 years. Will stop the rambling and hide again.

Most of the famous rock stars and artists of the 60s and 70s are aging fast. It is all a matter of time.

Umm, the cult of personality has surely infected your perceptions of hierarchy, and as for it being a "matter of time" , I suggest you read Heidegger's "Being and Time" to bring you up to date on your precarious and dull existence on Earth.

on a very personal level, i wish that i were better liked than i currently am, but i've had to bury that because i agree with everyone when they say i'm not that important. My problems: they come, they go, people who really know me can almost time it.

In a way i guess i wish that i wasn't on here rage-spamming @news when aragorn died, i was in a good mood a few weeks ago , then all these problems came up and it overwhelmed me.

But then again: i got to learn more about aragorn! through his death. This is one of the more exciting times for this website, all these people logging on and off. The superuser aragorn actually logged off, and his presence in this world as an semi-involuntary troll exploded: everyone coming by and offering their thoughts in a rare opportunity to be an angst-ridden-child and say something that comes straight from their heart.

I was also bothered by the iconization of my dad when he died not too long ago at his funeral, because i just felt so many crazy things for and about him, what is a funeral behind a recitation of praises? My uncle saw my backhanded comments i was making in my speech and agreed, but did everyone else agree with me? Was there that part of them that thought i was disrespectful and wanted to kick my ass? I'll never know. I sometimes wonder what my dad would have thought about the handling of that situation, whether he approved of it or not, because i sure as fuck don't, but i've gotta live the rest of my life with silent shrugs and a nightmarish (at times) hostility.

So many emotional words and repressed hostilities that people experience, aragorn wanted to find that soft spot and poke a needle in it to let it show itself. I really wanted to come to GSBF and show everyone 16 pages of this eco-extremist novel i was writing, but yeah they already said it was a dangerous space, and I'm sensitive, so i just declined on the thought it was going to be a good time for me. Likely i would have just ended up leaving and buying a pack of cigarettes, eating some "digusting meat", or doing any other type of behavior i use to escape when i can't tolerate the spooks and the insane emotions being passed back and forth on a daily basis.

if you leave your email here for me, i'll send you that novel, i'm not great at writing novels so you can enjoy it or make it your own, it's pretty funny though, trust me.

grief certainly can make people do all sorts of strange things, but asking people to "leave your email here for me" -- on a notoriously unsecure site -- has got to take first prize (so far).

was included in the sentence...i know you think ppl need to act differently, but remember that thecollective has left their email on the website.

There was that quote from shakespeare that i wanted to leave on the argorn! death page, but yeah, there's just too much to say about that.

he spoke aout it for a sec but decided to move onto the 'real news' (his words) instead.
Also, he (or his sisterwife, kafrin or whoever) says all u anon posters are cowards. Elephants don't post anonymously.

leave heroic narrative arcs for the fascists, who consume all to end up an empty aesthetic.

Hero's can also just be the prontagonists in a story. Part of gaining experience in the real world is learning that aspects of certain stories are not real and that the hero's may be all too much so. On the flip side villains are oft times fabricated as well. This is all to be expected.

"There are real people whose feelings were really hurt by A!"

So What? He hurt my feelings a few times but I still loved him and the LBC crew for what they did for the milieu. It reminds me of how the protestant side of my family rejected my father as a papist (because he was Italian), even though he renounced the Catholic church. They were so hell-bent on promoting their own brand of puritanical bullshit that they couldn't even tolerate his mildly bad behavior. Sound familiar? Had my estranged family members chosen to stay the course they may have discovered that those whom challenge you can also help make you stronger.

"Do they need their own forum to mourn the passing of an enemy?"

Apparently not! Those forced to the margins of, or forsaken by, the whole crimethink-IGD-subMedia triarchy may feel grief and anger for having been cancelled out of @ cultural events at the expense of everyday anarchists (whom may also be experiencing grief and anger) and the anarcho-curious (to the extent that the latter exists anymore). Also it certainly is quite remarkable that no specifics of Aragorn!s behavior have been mentioned that were alleged to have been so real, so hurtful, for so many (who? what? how?) and seem to some how justify this carving up, indeed this butchering, of a dwindling milieu!

"What are good ways to remember and acknowledge that complicated people have been important to us, to remember that how we mourn can be a direction we want to go in"

So going deeper into nostalgia is a direction to go? Aragorn often said at various times and in various ways (to people not unlike myself) that the internet was never going to give you what you want out of social relations and that people should move on. Thus punching his memory and sanctimoniously ripping up LBC books are the wrong directions. Instead, perhaps shifting more towards physicals space, and away from cyberspace, beyond the manipulative reach of all these sectarian cliques, are probably better ways of not only remembering, acknowledging, and morning, but also learning via direct experience with those we may otherwise have only mild disagreements with.

Yeah, mourning. Also, please stop using apostrophes to indicate a plural (it’s heroes, not hero’s). And ffs, if you don’t know when to use whom versus who, then just use who. That way you’ll appear normal instead of ignorant.

lol! I quickly re-wrote that comment a second because after typing the captcha I wasn't able to recover this website and instead got a "can’t reach this page". Apologies for my ignorance.

i need heroes. my hero is jun tsuji, someone who is long dead, whose wikipedia page is badly sourced, and whose stories are as outlandish as they are removed from me. for me, jun tsuji makes the perfect hero. i can never meet him. i will never be impacted by him, or even read what he actually wrote -tho i occasionally make a token gesture towards learning japanese-. it is said, by his wikipedia page;
In 1932 Tsuji was institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital after what would become popularly known as the "Tengu Incident".[12] According to some accounts, one night during a party at a friend's residence, Tsuji climbed to the second floor and began flapping his arms crying "I am the Tengu!", eventually jumping from the building, running around, and jumping onto the table calling "kyaaaaaa, kyaaaa!!"[13]

After hospitalization, Tsuji was diagnosed as having experienced a temporary psychosis
i have been hospitalised for temporary psychosis. like him i am a fan of stirnerian philosophy, and of epicurean thought. this guy lived as a busker, and wrote prolifically before his mental illness and crippling alcoholism got the better of him. why not put him on a a little pedestal, in my room, and pray to the Beautiful Idea, with him as the Icon? anything to help pass the day? every little helps?

Heidegger is my hero and I salute a small statue of him every morning.

Why Heidegger, of all people? :)

"of all people"
Sounds like you've fallen for all the leftist propaganda, the same that Nietzsche faced.

Ive enjoyed reading what I can find of him as well, I guess I would have to learn to read japanese, since I doubt much else would be translated if it hasn't already. Erana Jae Taylor's book that LBC carried is a gem. I put a pdf together of some of Tsuji Jun's poems I could find.

if youre interested in japanese iconoclasts, you might also enjoy reading the poetry of Ikkyu Sojun, I also made a pdf of some of my favorites. he was a zen monk who left the monastery to live in the woods to live the life he preferred.

Yes, Tsuji Jun was a great admirer of Stirner and Heidegger.

So his love for Heidegger wasn't that relevant or at least as much as his love for Stirner and the rest of the Dadaist movement. Back in the days Heideggy was still vastly misunderstood for what he really was and stood for... which is much likely in favor of the fascist regime that repressed Tsuji Jun. Heideggy was the Rolling Stones of continental philosophy.

...i.e. a hack, with positions that were deeply contradictory to those progressives that worshipped him. So what happened is that once he reached world stardom he threw those JEWS Bergson and Husserl under the bus, just like the Stones did with Brian Jones, and went on enjoying god-like status sellin' records, bangin' liberal chicks, supporting dictators, going on tours for the decades to follow. FULL Dasein Deluxe!

But when Mick Taylor filled in and made Kiefy sound better than the 3 chord zombie, Heidegger was parodying nazis so that he could sneak his individualist psychology through the traditionalist labyrinth. Time waits for no one, when there's sympathy for the dictator, the little red commie living on mother's little helpers is telling Heideggy to get off of his cloud.

Oh sure, Ikkyu loved visiting and raping the foot bounded geisha girls in the toxic masculine warrior sarki bars of feudal Japan, blubbering out his intoxicated conquest mentality he called poetry.

What does this look like? I've seen 'educational' establishments state this. So many courses state this. I've heard anarchists state this, both individualists and communistic. I've often wondered how I would know that I'm in the presence of a person who was at their full potential and/or would I also have to be at my own full potential to recognise this in others? Is this dome kind of meaningless dross? Is it used for controlling others? Gurus, so-called, often make the call for people to operate at their pull potential. Please reply with concrete everyday examples of this 'full potential' in action not abstract explanations.

when i was a kid (in the 60s and early 70s) i had a few sports heroes. but since then, i don't tend to think that way. someone's specific actions (writings, etc) can have a real influence on me, and they might even act in ways i would describe as heroic, but i don't tend to apply that in some totalizing way to the individual.
also, i see "hero" as an elevated position.

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