Two by Jacques Camatte, on Immediatism podcast

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Two essays by Camatte are now available on Immediatism podcast.
Camatte and his colleagues, in publishing these essays for the French language journal Invariance (Annee 6, Serie II No. 3, 1973) presented their "complete rejection of...revolutionary parties and organizations, the theory of revolutionary consciousness, [and]the theory of the progressive development of productive forces." ~Original Black & Red Introduction to The Wandering of Humanity

The first of these two essays comes from "The Wandering of Humanity," published now by Ardent Press and available from Little Black Cart. It was translated by Fredy Perlman with assistance from Camatte, and presents the ideas concisely in a straightforward manner.
The second comes from the same original French journal at the same time, but was translated by David Loneragan and is available at The Anarchist Library. It is longer, more literary and narrative, and discusses the same ideas but by placing them in historic and world contexts, using real examples.
Immediatism suggests that you listen to the episodes in the order they were recorded -- that is, "The Wandering of Humanity" first, followed by the more literary piece, "Against Domestication."

Wandering of Humanity: Repressive Consciousness 1:
The Despotism of Capital
Growth of Productive Forces; Domestication of Human Beings
Wandering of Humanity: Repressive Consciousness 2:
Repressive Consciousness

Against Domestication 1:
The Mythology of the Proletariat
The Lycée Movement, Paris, 1973
Against Domestication 2:
The Despotism of Capital
The Question of Violence
Against Domestication 3:
The Terrain of Struggle
The Global Perspective
Revolution and the Future

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