We Talked with a Doctor About Coronavirus

From IGD

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we spoke with Frank, an ER doctor in the Northeast, who also is involved with the autonomous anti-capitalist space, Woodbine, about the coronavirus, how medical workers are dealing with the stress of the pandemic, the State’s response to the outbreak, and how we can respond.

Throughout our discussion we cover:

  • A look at the failure of the US State to address the crisis and a discussion on what other governments are doing.
  • The threat of current medical infrastructure being overrun by people who are sick as the situation grows more dire.
  • What people can do do keep from spreading COVID-19 to friends and family.
  • A discussion on the potential of building mutual aid networks and associations.

More Info: Woodbine on Twitter and Mutual Aid groups across the US and Canada

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sounds like two stoner dudes reviewing the news from three days ago.

No, I thought they sounded a bit drunk with lisping. Stoner's discussion has long silent pauses inbetween dialogue which is articulate.

it had not occurred to me, but it's totally right that they're talking to a doctor! after all who might be better informed about things like viruses? brilliant!

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