Welcome to the 2020 Anarchist Bookfair in London

Welcome to the 2020 Anarchist Bookfair in London

From London Anarchist Bookfair

We wish we could be together again this year to meet old comrades and foes, conspire, educate, organize and plot in person, but due to Covid-19, this event will be held online from Saturday 17th October to Sunday 18th October 2020.

We did our best effort to facilitate our collective's first anarchist bookfair, and to try and make it accessible and inclusive online.

If we made any errors, we apologies in advance. We hope you will enjoy this year's online edition, and if you have any issues please get in touch via the email below.

The composition of the organising collectives behind the various Anarchist bookfairs in London has changed many times over the years and we are proud to take on the task of bringing a prominent bastion of Anarchist and radical thinking back to London. The London Anarchist Bookfair has been a vital component of the Anarchist community since it’s inception in 1981 and we intend to carry on in this fine tradition.

Bookfair 2020 will be a diverse event with an organisational focus on both internationalism and our Anarchist heritage here in the UK. We are hoping that our international comrades will join us on the day, as many did in previous years and we intend to play host to workshops and displays that illustrate our shared Anarchist tradition.

More than just a simple marketplace, bookfairs are cornerstones of Anarchism, linchpins of a diverse and sprawling revolutionary movement. They are where we come together to share our ideas, debate our positions and develop our theory and praxis. They help us to believe in better worlds and start to lay the foundations of a world free of oppression, corporatism and the brutal authority of the state.

In respect to the events in 2017 where transphobic material was shared in the women’s bathrooms and the main hall, we wish to state that the Bookfair 2020 will follow our comrades from Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and elsewhere in providing a space diverse in character and secure from xenophobia and bigotry in any vein.

Our solidarity is overt and complete. Any politic which would seek to oppress, undermine or remove the rights and liberties of others is anathematic to Anarchism and will find no welcome nor tolerance at the bookfair itself or any associated event or space.

We do this to be clear that no aspect of oppression will be allowed within our revolutionary spaces.

Solidarity and unity being key principles to Anarchism, we would like the 2020 Bookfair to act as a focal point for re-building cohesion in our community, fostering new networks and developing stronger ties and understanding between us, both in the UK and internationally. Sharing knowledge and supporting each others’ personal and political development in good faith is the call of the day. We shall ensure an array of workshops to cater for this and we shall host speakers on a variety of topics.

If anyone wishes to get involved, we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and abilities: both for this year's online version and for the years to come. Whether you are able/inclined to plan the logistics, help fundraise, promote the event or help us run everything on the day, please get in touch. If you have ideas for talks, workshops, discussions or stalls or simply wish to book a space, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We hope you will join us on and together we can build a stronger more resilient community and forge a better future, one free of shackles of capitalism and the tyranny of the state and strengthen our bonds of international and intersectional solidarity, mutual aid and unity.

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Email:- anarchistbookfairlondon(at)riseup.net


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the internet forum your opening is nothing like a book fair and this is just so fucking pseudo!
You are part of the "new normality". Fuck off!

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