WTF are Freedom Cells

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WTF are Freedom Cells

Anyone have the lowdown on Derrick Broze, Freedom Cells or the Conscious Resistance?

They're signalling that they're anarchists with a drop-out agenda but the branding seems very corporate. They're suddenly garnering a lot of support from anti-lockdown stuff and it's weird that I've never heard of them before.

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Derrick Broze is someone who

Derrick Broze is someone who comes from the anarcho-capitalist / voluntaryist scene who is interested in alternative health, conspiracy theories, agorism, etc. He seems to want a big name for himself, so that is probably why he is going for a corporate look, to gain more mainstream "respectability" and whatnot.

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Derrick Broze is a conspiracy

Derrick Broze is a conspiracy theorist, anarcho-capitalist, and is one of the founders of the "Anarchapulco Conference." He promotes ideas like Ancient Astronauts (extraterrestrials) came to earth thousands of years ago and implanted humans with advanced knowledge. This advanced knowledge allowed the humans to build Stonehenge, the pyramids, the Great Wall of China and many more structures. He believes that burning jet fuel can't melt steel beams, smoking weed cures all diseases, that the pedophiles (some of the pedophiles are supposedly shape-shifting Reptilians) of the world all gather in the basement of a pizza restaurant to discuss their adventures in pedophilia, 5G and chemtrails are partially responsible for covid-19, inoculations and vaccines were designed to put nanobot trackers in humans and plenty more wacky theories.

The Conscious Resistance are a trilogy of books that Broze wrote and Freedom Cells is an internet forum Broze runs.

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I would encourage people down

I would encourage people down to believe the above comments, as I've met some cool people who have had some involvement with the Freedom Cells... I haven't read about of Derrick Broze's book, but I follow him on Telegram and his analysis is pretty on-point for the most part, so far as I'm concerned. He did go to Cheran, an anonymous zone in Mexico and made a short film about that community and their struggle, which is called Ni Un Paso Atras. I put the link below. The people that I know consider him a serious activist, and respect him. He identifies as an Agorist and advocates for counter economics, which is basically trying to live outside the system, have trade networks outside of state control, etc. I would recommend joining his Telegram channel and making up your mind what you think of him based on that.

Ni Un Paso Atras:

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I'm not really that familiar

I'm not really that familiar with Broze and what he thinks, but I connected with my local Freedom Cells group and have met some really cool people who are interested in doing serious projects. It's a mixed bag ideologically, but no one I've met is very dogmatic about things. I'd recommend others at least give it a chance.

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Does the user base of this

Does the user base of this site genuinely support “anarcho-capitalism” and conspiracy theory culture with its right wing biases?

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